Don’t Try to Reason With Magick Or It Will Go Away

“Invite a little more magick into your life without a need for explanation and your natural gifts will begin to flourish, not to mention your life will feel more fulfilling and yes…become more magickal.” Indeed!

Tania Marie

laura and tania (3)When magick finds you, embrace it and allow it to wash over you like a beautiful jasmine kissed breeze or a warm, rolling summer wave of Caribbean aqua silk ocean water.

Immerse yourself and just be with it.

When you find even just a little bit of magick in your life and you try to explain it, reason it out, and catch it, most often it will go away.

There are things in life meant to be experienced with a soft, brief yet soulful gaze, a gentle caress whose effects linger but the touch is but for a moment, or like a graceful butterfly that dances lightly around you just brushing your skin with whisper kisses, but never lingers long enough to settle.

After all, these things are fragile and not meant to be held, caged, or stopped to try to control them in any way, although they will create…

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  1. that photo is from when we took a stroll in the park by you in goshen with david. 😉 when i write i just flow things out…just noticed my “you’re” should be “your” in that quote. so NOW i edited it. never try to interfere with the magick while it’s unfolding hehe….

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  2. Posted by James G on August 19, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Love this Laura. We all create magic, most people just don’t know it. When you figure out your creating magic it’s beautiful.

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  3. Posted by mia morales on August 20, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    i had a dream last night that you were in, Laura- and i just wanted to tell it to you!-
    You were on this pebbly, rocky beach, sitting between two male friends…all of you were lounging back in these comfortable chairs, parallel to the ocean…faces upturned to the sky and the sun…in pure contentment, relaxation, peace and bliss. I was viewing this scene as if looking at a photograph…i scanned the picture, you and your friends in ultimate fulfillment, the rocks, and the different shades of blue colors of the waves…such a beautiful scene…but i felt like i was missing seeing something, so i scanned it again…and right above your head, there was something! sticking straight up out of the water…it was a porpoise nose! she had her nose pointed straight up to the sky and was smiling. Then i started to hear your voice, and you were speaking on the nature of reality…and then it was like i was speaking these words, that were your words, out loud to myself in the dream and as i did, i was waking myself up from the dream..and almost like i was reading these words of yours but also making it up as i went along…and i felt a sudden excitement and aha! discovery moment and then woke up, and wanted to hang on to the meaning of the words and the images from the dream, and understand it fully. But it faded away, until i just wrote it now…
    Hope you have a great day, Laura!! 🙂

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