Growing Your Own Food Is A Powerful Metaphor For Your Life ~ Maxing Out My Garden Tower & Birthing The New

Another one from Tania today — I especially want to reblog this one since it shows her continued journey with the Generation 2 Garden Tower Project.

Like her, I know many people have wondered whether or not to take this leap. Everyone marvels at my Generation 1 Garden Tower Project, which, unlike the new one, does not turn. Even with one side getting shade, the growth still impresses. The new one turns, so each side gets adequate light, and — as with the original — includes its own integrated worm composting bin. David and I met with the inventor, Colin Cudmore, and we’re so excited for the accessories he has in the works, including mini greenhouses for the Garden Towers.

In this time of uncertain weather affecting food supply chains and the absurdly difficult battle to know what’s in our food, it never hurts to learn how to grow your own organic food. More than preparedness, though, gardening brings such beauty, joy, freshness, good taste and empowerment to life. Even if you only have a window sill, grow a pot of herbs or spring onions. Just start somewhere. Your taste buds, tummy and soul will thank you.

Tania Marie

garden tower2 One angle view of my Garden Tower – it swivels fully around to ensure all plants receive equal sunlight time. This is after having already heavily harvested things.

I think I’ve likely won the prize for maxing out a Garden Tower, but who knows? Perhaps others have gone a bit plant crazy with all the excitement of growing some of Nature’s goodness.

If I counted correctly, my Garden Tower now is home to 96 plants! LOL!

While that may not be the “right” gardening protocol, it sure is working for me and I keep learning as I go along simply by experimenting, following my intuition, and through actual hands-on experience…valuable ways to really learn and grow.

If everything we do is a mirror of us, I guess the abundant maxing out of my Garden Tower reveals to you what has been birthing inside of me ready to blossom – A…

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  1. great additional comments to add…no excuses for people not to be able to grow some yummy for the tummy while sinking deeper roots with the nature within 😉


  2. Today was quite the plant day here:

    slicing and dehydrating heirloom tomatoes for winter salads
    spiralizing patty pan squash for a pesto “pasta” dinner
    shredding patty pan squash for gluten free vegan zucchini bread
    making green smoothies
    made a fresh blended salad soup

    ordered more, yes more, fruit and nut trees and another raised bed
    ordered some colorful winter shrubs to combat the gardenless gray of Dec-March
    ordered a new raised bed for alongside the blue house
    potted up a pineapple sage for my friend
    potted up a serviceberry tree sucker, which will hopefully grow into a shrub or tree
    potted up some ivy for inside the new house

    LOL, it’s planty time here, even more so than usual!

    Yesterday, I transplanted 4 shrubs, and the day before, made pesto, gave away three huge bags of produce and one small one, and got mulch and cardboard delivered for the new yard. Things just keep happening here — mostly edible, but I am caring for my soul with winter beauty, too. Got to feed all levels!


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  3. Posted by Sky on August 13, 2015 at 1:45 am

    My ears perked up MAJOR TIME when you mentioned “mini greenhouses” for Garden Towers. Can you share more about what the mini greenhouses would be like?


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  4. Posted by sky on August 13, 2015 at 1:47 am

    Oops! Forgot to click on “notify me of new comments”. While I’m here, I’ll say what a cornucopia of food you have going on there in Goshen! Nature is just busting moves right and left..

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  5. Hi Sky,
    Everything is just in planning/design stages now, but Colin always overbuilds things. The sketches and concepts we observed would make it that the Garden Towers could have covers extending seasons and in some areas (if mild enough and growing cold hardy crops) turning the Garden Tower into a year round growing and composting operation.

    And yes, Nature is busting moves right and left here. So much abundance! It felt great to call people and send them home with big bags of their garden favorites, specially selected for each person. 🙂


  6. Posted by sky on August 13, 2015 at 2:35 am

    Do you know that family that grows enough food using the regular housing lot surrounding their city home near LA to supply 90% of their vegetarian diet? A regular city lot with a house on it. Instead of landscaping, they have veggies here there and everywhere! They have a website about this: And here is a short youtube video about their incredibly productive 1/10 acre: Quite an inspiration. I think your garden there in Goshen is rapidly becoming a similarly successful urban homestead.

    Good on you! And the fae.


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  7. Thanks, Sky, and yes, I have even posted about that family, but it was before you started following my blog. Very inspirational! They even have goats and chickens on that little plot. LOL, yes, very good on the fae! People are really starting to notice the garden — like in a shocked and delighted way. The vibration here has gotten absurdly out of sync with the rest of the surroundings. Three people have mentioned how stunned they were this week, and they’re just talking about the flowers. They don’t even know about all the food. 🙂


  8. quite the plant day there EVERY day!! lol!! so great! lots of fresh goodness happening. very cool and a great example for others.

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