Lugnasadh and Lammas

Happy Lugnasadh and Lammas! Here’s a repost of last year’s since the information’s still accurate for this year, even the actual crossquarter day of August 7. We’re celebrating today, though, with Ann K. of Exopermaculture. Details some other time. Meanwhile, enjoy your harvest and Summer’s bounty as we still integrate the effects of last night’s Blue Moon.

Laura Bruno's Blog

It hasn’t felt much like summer here yet, but today (August 1) is the traditional celebration of Lammas and Lugnasadh. Technically, the actual cross-quarter day occurs on August 7, 2014. With its emphasis on courage and confidence, celebration and somber awareness, and powerful creativity, this video seems appropriate for today’s energies. As always, Laura Daligan and Zoe Hind provide an in depth review of all the multi-layered associations at this point of the Wheel of the Year, including lots of insights for Leo’s.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! Here is a beautiful song for the day: Enjoy! ♥



  2. […] David will be visiting our little Green Acres ecopod. At Laura’s suggestion, we will hold a Lammas Ceremony first, in the GANG garden, and then retire to the back yard where we will feast on grilled squash, […]



  3. […] also got a lunar eclipse on Monday, the 7th, which happens also to be the exact crossquarter day of Lammas or Lughnassadh, when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Leo. Anytime an eclipse occurs on the actual crossquarter day of […]



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