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If you only have time for one of these, please watch the video below, as it covers the 21st Century Cures Act, passed this month, which most people have never even heard of.

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Natural News:

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push


Jon Rappoport:

Official Science: The Grand Illusion for All Robots

Fantasy: “Vaccines remarkably safe and effective.”


Barbara Loe Fisher:

****** Extremely important video here, because this information is not being covered in the news — the 21st Century Cures Act [passed in the House on July 10, but not passed yet in the Senate, please stay posted here] has extreme relevance in that companies legally no longer need to conduct large trials to evaluate safety of biotech foods, vaccines, or medicines. The FDA can expedite approval for vaccines with shorter trials and anecdotal “evidence,” “best guesses before experimental trials” and “surrogate” methods rather than monitored clinical trials. This act also allows clinical testing on people without informed consent.

clinical testing on people without informed consent

The drug companies already enjoy complete immunity from damaging people during vaccines, but this 21st Century Cures Act takes things way over the top — effectively allowing biotech and BigPharma to put whatever they want into a vaccine with no real tests and no consequences to them. Oh, and have you heard? There’s a huge push for mandatory vaccinations, not just of children in California, but of everyone, everywhere. So, according to our government, owned by biotech and BigPharma, these companies can sicken or kill you with zero consequences to them, and they’ve gone to great lengths to get legislation passed making all of this official. And yet people who want to maintain health freedom are paranoid wacko’s?! I must have a Kool-Aid deficiency or something, ‘cuz I don’t get how people don’t get this!

News flash: if you allow someone — especially the criminally insane — complete permission to inject your body with whatever they choose, with no consequences to them, and to feed you Franken”foods” filled with God knows what pesticides, nanobots and poisons with no right for you to give informed consent or a flat out rejection, then you’re a slave. According to Wikipedia: “Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law can apply to humans so that people can be treated as property,[1] and can be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement.”

With all the race-baiting going on these days, you’d think someone would see behind the smoke and mirrors. With TPP and the recent biotech and BigPharma onslaughts, it’s not about black vs. white or who owned slaves 200 years ago. It’s about who owns you right now. The government? The corporations? Your employer? Your religion?

Or you?

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  1. Posted by Kieron on July 30, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    You know, I can’t help noticing how the race-baiting, the endless black/white dramas like “The Help,” and the endless Nazi movies and trials, have people mesmerized by the past. It’s to keep us from noticing the slavery we’re neck-deep into today, from noticing the crimes Israel is perpetrating on the people of Gaza (hell, to the entire world) today, and what the Snotties are doing to everyone else. It’s certainly important to know our history… but not in such a selective manner. Maybe it’s part of that sick joke where they tell us what they’re doing to us, but in code, in a sideways manner, that we have to interpret.

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  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Awareness is the first step. Did you know. Thank you Laura. Shared on FB too


  3. Thanks, Dawn!

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  4. Thanks for posting this, Laura. Shared on my facebook page ( with this comment:

    Friends, if you are on the fence about taking “the flu shot” or giving your kids all of the “recommended” vaccinations, please read this article. Unless you are immunocompromised, your body has a remarkable defense system against common viruses and bacterial pathogens. To support your innate immunity, you can turn to safe, time-honored and clinically researched herbs and natural medicines that don’t cause side effects like autism or cancer, for god’s sake. Some of my favorites: lauric acid, oil of oregano, vitamins C & D, and more.


  5. Thanks, Diana!


  6. Posted by Reba on August 3, 2015 at 12:41 am

    Hi Laura, thank you for all you do. Will you please consider posting this important information and audio? It’s seems important to me. The audio is disappearing and we need this to go viral. Thanks again.


  7. Hi Reba,
    I’ll include the link here. I’ve been away all weekend and am booked so not certain I’ll have time to put up a separate post about it. Thank you!


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