Less Than One Week Left …

Just a reminder that July is almost over! 2015 has flown by, and yet so many things continue to shift in dramatic and positive ways. Still (whew!) time is flyin’. Less than one week left:


$222 Mini-Coaching Packages

With so many people feeling pressured to shift right now, I wanted to offer a chance for extra, sustained support. Several clients have recently used up their mini-pack from the last time I offered this special, so it seemed like a good time to resurrect it. This three-pack of half hour sessions represents a $52 savings over the usual rate. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or as needed. They can address anything from career changes to relationships to esoteric skills, potential relocation, past life issues, and/or health concerns.

$222 if prepaid on or before 7/31/15. Please contact me to sign up.

$77 Medical Intuitive Readings

Lots of healing in the works these days! As such, the second July Special is a Medical Intuitive Session sale to help support people getting over that healing hump.

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through reading the energy field around the body. A Medical Intuitive Session decodes the message(s) from soul to body into language your conscious mind can understand and begin to address. (It is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, but rather to empower your healing via whatever modality you ultimately choose.) Medical Intuitive Readings are normally $175 per hour or $90 per half hour.

Medical Intuitive sessions purchased today through 7/31/15, will be discounted to $77 per half hour, which can be doubled or tripled for longer sessions. Please contact me to sign up.

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