Right on target for what I’m hearing from clients and others. Some of us are sailing through this time with great ease and joy, but most people feel the massive intensity right now. This, too, shall pass. Thanks for the perspective, and thanks to Lance for the heads up on this post.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

22 jul 2015

Blessings to All. We’ve got several powerful aspects in the skies right now – some of which are kicking up a storm. For starters, we’ve got a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS formed between The Moon in Libra, Pluto Retrograde (13 Capricorn), Mars (18 Cancer) and Vesta (11 Aries) — along with other alignments. I’ll explain the Cardinal Cross, then Saturn’s position, followed by a discussion on what to do.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is reminiscent of the kind of energy we collectively experienced in April/May 2014. It’s a similar kind of pressure, that either leads to some kind of intense breakdown, or breakthrough. The challenge is a new one, however, as the players in this alignment are very different. Some of you will sail through this challenge remarkably well, smiling as you do, whilst many more are likely to feel this as an unexpected bubbling or building up of intense pressure.

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