Lines Upon the Landscape: Spiritual and Energetic Ramifications of Oil Pipelines and Fracking

This is a very important post, and I appreciate the juxtaposition of the sacred ritual and the greed and destruction. So many things seem like Avatar these days! In addition to Willowcrow’s comments about spiritual intercession for the land, I would also add that I’ve had powerful results doing Reiki Healing Attunements upon the land and specific properties in Goshen. I’ve done hundreds (possibly thousands) of Reiki Healing Attunements on people and situations in the past 13 years, and I have never felt such a powerful pull of Reiki as from the poor, broken land in the little area of Goshen to which I was called to heal. Our work does make a difference, so please, do what you can on all levels to support the land where you live. Many blessings!

The Druid's Garden

Sacred Circle in Michigan Sacred Circle in Michigan

I’ll never forget May 1st, 2014. I came down to the sacred circle at my homestead in Michigan and with the intention of performing a private Beltane celebration ritual I had prepared. As I began the ritual, something felt very, very wrong. Wrong in the deep, gut sense. Behind the circle was a ley line (in an energetic sense) held by a number of hawthorn trees in a growing in a straight line. I had built the circle before I had found this line, and was delighted when I found it years later. This pathway created an abundance of positive energy upon the land. This ley line ran a good ½ mile or more.   But on Beltane over a year ago, the energies of the line had substantially diminished from even the day before when I had visited the circle. On Beltane, line…

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