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This is a great post, not just for people who practice magic, but for anyone who works with energy. It raises important questions that often arise in Reiki Certification Classes — questions like, “If I see a car accident, is it OK to send healing to those involved, even if I don’t stop to ask their permission?” The question of self-defense is on the radar for all levels, not just magical these days with all the debates about 2nd Amendment rights. Each person needs to search inside his or her own conscience to find what feels ethical and then act from a place of integrity. I appreciate the discussion, as it encourages readers to find their own balance. Highly recommended. (Slight language warning for those with sensitive “ears.”)

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Magic isn’t black and white or light and dark.  In fact, I get irritated when practitioners grandstand about the merits of being aligned exclusively with either side of the craft.  Part of the wisdom of working with the gods and nature is that nothing is clear-cut and life is too complex to be confined in a restrictive mentality.  That being said, there is such a thing as ethical and unethical witchcraft.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Ethics implies that there is a right and a wrong way to approach a situation, and as we established dichotomies suck.  But most ethical traditions and systems of personal ethics embrace the grey areas and nuances to every situation.  So ethics isn’t a dichotomy so much as a multi-layered approach to acting and reacting.

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  1. Magical practices require maturity. I sometimes lament that I didn’t happen on various energetic practices until late in life, but in retrospect I did not have the maturity to handle such things when I was younger. The energy would have at times been misused for childish retaliation and shallow desires.

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  2. Well said!

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  3. Posted by Julie on July 10, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    If the only people sending magic willy-nilly and unbidden are the soul-sucking psychopaths, we’re screwed. If we, those of us who are reasonably decent human beings, are the only ones playing by the “rules”, we’re laughably naive AND screwed. Who makes up those rules, anyway, and why are we following them?

    In my years of esoteric studies, I, too, played by the rule of never sending energy without permission, lest I mess with someone’s karmic lesson, free will, or soul-path. I believed that even if the person was in gut-wrenching pain, I didn’t have the right to interfere with their lesson and experience. I’d been taught that the soul WANTS to experience these things, and that it was a grave karmic error to interfere with that.

    I don’t believe that anymore. Free will? All day long, our free will is messed with. Hypnotic and ugly and dis-empowering messages stream from tv, radio, news, documentaries, magazines, books, movies, wi-fi, public service announcements, alerts, mind control in myriad forms, and more. There’s chemtrails and pesticides and deer ticks and warnings of danger looming at every turn. I’ve become deeply suspicious of the concept of karma, and even of the idea that any benevolent being oversees this whole human experience. Frankly, any benevolent being who has the power to stop this crushingly painful nonsense, but who doesn’t, is actually just another psychopath, but with better public relations.

    Whether one believes in a benevolent over-being or not, it behooves us to get real and send good juju whenever you have the inclination. I don’t consciously practice magic and am not a witch, so maybe I have the magic concept wrong. But energy? Reiki? Bring it.

    My loved ones, and all of us, are being messed with constantly. I am aware enough so that I can counter it. I can also get sucked in by the relentless, pounding onslaught of fuckery in its permutations. I no longer think, “gee, I must be learning something important for my soul-development”. Yuck. I think, “Oh, crap. Not again.” And I do whatever it takes to pull myself out of it.

    Yeah, I can do it. Everyone can. But like almost any task, it’s easier, and more fun, to do when someone helps. If the task goes smoothly, and I am alone, how do I know that someone didn’t send me energy without my permission, just because they thought of it? If my children, who have different beliefs than mine, are struggling and suffering and thinking things are wrong because they suck or that God isn’t answering them, I will most definitely send them energy and goodness and juju, whether they ask for it or not.

    If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and consequences will come my way. Or not. They sure don’t seem to come very fast to those who practice horrifying evil every day. But there is definitely something wrong with this belief of spiritual holiness or purity or ethics when we are the only ones playing that game. People are basically good and decent and kind. And they are also hit with a daily and nightly tsunami of interference that is precisely designed to tear down, stress, and confuse.

    Change the game. Make up new rules- empowering ones. Loving ones. The old rules just confuse and divide and eventually, conquer. Getting caught up in the ethics of sending decent, honest, loving energy that helps and comforts and nurtures, and that can change lives, is just a ginormous distraction and waste of energy.

    That’s what I think, anyway.

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  4. I agree, although I also feel each person needs to reach his or her own conclusions on this, since when you’re summoning more energy, you’re upping your own potential for self-sabotage, feeling you “deserve” whatever comes your way, etc.

    “Change the game. Make up new rules- empowering ones. Loving ones.” Yes! And then own your belief in those rules, so that they truly are empowering. Thanks for your comment.

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  5. Posted by James G on July 11, 2015 at 12:45 am

    Everything that happens to you is a result of yourself. Learn to control these forces and you become a player not the played. Right or wrong is the same thing just a different degree. Just like hot and cold are the same thing just a different degree. Where does hot stop and cold begin? What is good magic and what is bad? It’s up to the individual. All truths are half truths. I believe love is the highest form of vibration. If someone is hurt or in trouble and you show love towards them, I believe this is well within universal law.

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  6. I enjoyed this post. Although I’m fairly clear on my boundaries where this is concerned I could change my mind as guided which I believe is what this post is all about. Do as you are guided in each situation. Listen to our voice within. Shared on FB and re logged. Oxox

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  7. I have been lately re-reading Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven” in which he concludes that despite hellishness we are all at some fundamental level “loved,” and that his elaborate NDE convinced him of this beyond a doubt. His own NDE was a mixture of purgatory and ultimately radiant transcendence. Experience is never “done” with any of us. As they say in Alaska, “If you don’t like the weather now, wait 15 minutes.”

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  8. Thanks, Dawn! xoxo


  9. Haha, they say that in Tahoe and Monterey, too. 🙂 Sounds like an interesting book!


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