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Jean Haines posted a series of recent pieces from and then wrote her own post discussing her feelings about BRICS, Putin, Paul Craig Roberts and “Ken” from RedefiningGod.

For the record, I occasionally used to post some of Ken’s articles (with my own comments and caveats) until his sexist jokes and implications got out of hand. When someone “jokes” about handcuffing someone to their bedposts and saying “Daddy’s hungry,” and then defends that degrading, dehumanizing, anti-feminine joke and others throughout a series of private emails, then they lose post-ability on my blog. The fact that I no longer post his material doesn’t mean I disagree with everything he says, though. I just think that anyone who can justify using misogyny as a calculated means of gaining followers fails to recognize the most important shifts we need to make for a healthy society — not least of which is respect rather than objectification. That said, I left the following comment on Jean’s new blog. Since students and clients frequently ask me my opinion on BRICS, Putin, and similar topics, I’ll share my comment to Jean below.

Please note: I do not give authority for my reality to an external “truth” about any of this. I’m posting my comment to minimize my need to discuss this, not to invite or initiate a lengthy debate. Please do your debating inside and amongst yourselves. My personal outcome and that of any community or individuals actively creating a new reality does not depend on any of these external factors. It depends on our own vision, our own efforts, our own skill, determination and responsibility, and our own direct relationship with the planet Herself. I post this for those already obsessing about these issues, not because I recommend people start obsessing about who’s “good” and who’s “bad.” You can make all of that irrelevant by living your life in a responsible, creative, magical way.

Without further ado, my comment bump up from Jean’s original post:

Jean, I am not a fan of Ken’s style, particularly of his oftentimes sexist “jokes,” and I disagree with him regarding the effectiveness of magic. He lampoons the cabal’s use of magic, whereas, imho, more people ought to educate themselves on energy, symbolism, the power of ritual and the subconscious and how those work so as to direct the energies instead of following someone else’s carefully manipulated energy streams. There’s resisting manipulation, and there’s taking the reins yourself to summon tremendous fuel and energy to your own creation — two different levels of engagement. I radically disagree with him on anything Goddess related. There are gaping holes in his understanding of how energy works, and he often gets stuck in polarized thinking, despite warning people against it.

That said, his research is very good, and he does offer suggestions for solutions — go local, grow your own food, get as self-reliant and local community sufficient as possible, know your neighbors, stop salivating over external Saviors, and find your own direct connection to Spirit/Divinity.

These are wise suggestions. They may not appeal to everyone who wants to just sit in their living room and meditate, but his suggestions are actually quite useful. I’m a big fan of imagination, meditation and reality creation; I also know hope can be a powerful bridge to a carefully crafted alternative reality. I think he’s just warning people against the hopium that got Obama elected. For the record, I saw through Obama when no one else I knew did, except one friend. How people can’t see the things Ken shows is beyond me, but I realize most people don’t until hindsight. In addition to Ken’s suggestions for solutions, I would add to get much more in touch with the land, sea and sky — with the wisdom of Nature and with everything associated with the suppressed Feminine, something with which he seems quite uncomfortable; however, for the most part, his take on international affairs checks with my own read.

I have always said and continue to assert that Putin’s a wild card. Those who claim to know his heart based on speeches or photos would be wise to step back and observe more. He’s a master martial artist; every move, every word, every gesture is calculated, but despite this, there are things he’s hiding even from himself. Those are the wild cards. I don’t even think he knows what he’s going to do. We can hope he ends up stepping away from the script, but right now, in my professional intuitive opinion, he’s right on script. Just because Edgar Cayce — who did not [always] discriminate whom and what he channeled — said Russia held great hope for humanity doesn’t make Putin the answer. Plenty of Russian defectors have given the play by play we’re currently living in, right on schedule. RT News is Russian propaganda. Controlled opposition always includes a large amount of truth or few people would swallow it at all.

I’m not arguing for anyone to have a firm opinion on BRICS. I personally think it’s a bunch of the same old, same old, but used by someone savvy, even the same old, same old could provide incredible opportunities for new things. The only thing I argue for is that people take personal responsibility for their own basic needs and that they educate themselves on basic hypnosis and NLP principles so they recognize them being used. Studying actual ancient traditions instead of watered down Wicca-lite, shaman-in-a-weekend, New Age platitudes would also help make global machinations much less important. If we become wise as serpents, harmless as doves, then we can have our new world, but it will be MUCH more of our making!


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  1. Posted by Sherry on July 6, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    Hi, Edgar Cayce did use discernment during his channeling…I was involved in the Virginia programs at the Edgar Cayce foundation. I did research Edgar since I had a near death experience as a child…when asking God at a library what book to read, to help me understand it…off the top shelf flung a book at my feet called “There is a River” by Cayce. As you had mentioned it is important to research what you are reading. He saw that Russia had much potential in the future. It was not detailed exactly how this would play out.

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  2. Posted by Reba on July 6, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Great comment Laura. I know little about Ken, and your comment really resonates with me. My husband and I were on the same page as you with obama, because we learned the hard way through the previous election cycles since ‘shrub’ was awarded the presidency-it’s extremely frustrating to see people still believe in political parties and the election process-they should get it by now, especially older folks. As much as I’d like Putin to be a savior, I too am suspicious. My grandparents immigrated from the Ukraine before 1920 and my grandfather often reminded us we were Ukrainian, not Russian. I am sickened by the murderers installed and trained by the us and the puppet regime in the Ukraine.

    Can you kindly please recommend more about ‘basic hypnosis and NLP principles so they recognize them being used and studying actual ancient traditions?’ I’ve wondered if some of the alternative information isn’t put out there for those of us that somewhat know things are wrong, and we inadvertently help create it by our focus. Awareness and questioning is so very important.

    Thanks for all your great work, and I wish you and yours all the best.

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  3. Posted by Barbara on July 6, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Excellent post, Laura, thanks. It was interesting to me that David Icke (whose one line, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” hooked me into studying the reality ‘out there’) when he has pictures of the politicians on his website, he always includes Putin in the crowd. Mm, says I, what am I missing? You’ve expressed it well in your post. And further, the Greek situation had me more than interested in that I scoped that either “Yes” or “No” was not the answer, either was a trap, we’ll see, but perhaps a non-turnout would have been the perfect response. So, yes, personal responsibility is foremost, and with that the rest naturally follows. I have come to realize that it takes courage to sit in the middle regardless of whether it’s Light or Dark. B.

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  4. Hi Sherry, thanks for your comment. I should have put “always” in front of that comment and have amended it. I’ve researched him, too. Most of his stuff is right on, but some of it … hmmmm … . I just get tired of everyone glomming onto that comment when it could mean many different things or not even be accurate. BTW, I love the Russian people and spent time there in 1990 — one of my favorite places. I just think it’s a mistake to project so much onto Putin.


  5. Thanks for the additional insights, Barbara! Yes, the Middle Way is not often walked because it takes courage to keep finding your own path. 🙂


  6. Thanks and you’re welcome, Reba. It’s interesting, because I have a one-person-removed connection with some of the people in Ukraine, and we have a large Ukranian population in Goshen. I also spent time in Russia in 1990. People are individuals, and that’s how I prefer to connect with them — whatever race, gender, country of origin, etc. I will be pleased if Putin steps up and surprises even himself, but that will mean the collective has, too. I don’t think we’ll get a truly beneficial Putin until enough people realize they can create their preferred reality without him.

    Here’s an old post on covert hypnosis:

    See also the links and comments. Sorry, I don’t have time to track down more information for you, but it’s available.

    Any of Monica Sjoo’s books or the originals of Faery Tales (pre-Disney and pre-Grimm if you can find them) will give you more insights into Ancient traditions, particularly Goddess and Faery traditions. John Lamb Lash’s book “Not In His Image” is very good, but also needs its own discernment, LOL, and he uses NLP in some of his talks, which sometimes go wayyyyy off. Check out Marija Gimbutus, too.

    All the best to you and yours,


  7. Posted by Anthony on July 6, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for tackling this topic. Jean definitely seems to be stuck in ‘wishful thinking’ mode regarding Putin and the BRICS. I had left links to Ken’s articles on her site and she posted a few, but she wouldn’t be swayed from her viewpoint even in the face of what I consider overwhelming evidence that Putin and the BRICS are just what Ken says: the shiny new face of the NWO.

    However, I am guilty of not ‘thinking for myself’ when it came to Ken’s sexist jokes and attitudes towards women. I don’t share his views, but being oblivious to his sexist remarks leaves me feeling embarrassed in retrospect. I looked back at that post of his over the holidays that you referred to…***shakes head***

    Still: his research is very good, as you said, and he sees angles that many miss. It was his blend of esotericism and just plain old common sense logic, backed up by the facts he presents, that alerted me to the overall schemes of the globalists – along with Brandon Smith:

    That article (and his follow-up pieces) by Brandon goes deeper than anything else I have seen in exposing Putin and the BRICS, and the links he provides are damning.

    One caveat though: Brandon Smith is an OathKeeper, and he unfortunately seems to believe that in order to end tyranny, violence will be required. That is not a view that I share – in fact, I believe were we to take that route it would just put new masters on the throne…same as the old masters. But his writings on economics are excellent, and the article above validates what Ken has said about Putin (and Ken references Brandon often).

    Of course, all of this ‘big picture’ stuff will prove irrelevant for most of us, and the focus should be on developing community (and useful skills) and preparing for potential chaos in the near future. I personally want to know the big picture though, because once the SHTF I want to be able to explain to my dazed family and friends what happened and why – and having a few articles like Ken’s and Brandon’s on hand could be useful for providing hindsight.

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  8. Thanks for the additional insights and link, Anthony. I agree with you about the violence; I think that would be a really stupid move, since at that level, we are all totally outmatched. Not to mention, I don’t own or wish to own a gun. I do own a magick wand, though, and I’m not afraid to use it! LOL, but not really joking. Actually, I just keep doing Reiki Healing Attunements on situations, individuals, even properties, and I have to say, the results are pretty amazing. I always knew Reiki was awesome, and I’ve used Healing Attunements for years, but lately, it seems like the world knows it realllly needs some help. Reiki is always drawn rather than “sent,” even though we talk about “sending Reiki.” Let’s just say the people, properties and situations I’ve been attuning have been sucking in the Reiki like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. And then, boom, big shifts follow. That’s my kind of “fighting.” Just shift the energies so that the knock down drag out never needs to occur.


  9. Posted by Kieron on July 6, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    I don’t care for most of the authors Jean features. Most of them set my teeth on edge. Even if their message is important, they have lost me with idiotic statements and biased proclamations about things, situations and people they know little about.

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  10. I don’t often go over that way, but I have a session with someone tomorrow whom I know will ask, so I thought I’d take a peek today. Several people kept asking me during the Reiki and Faery classes, too, so it just seemed like time to say, “Why, yes, my opinion on these topics has remained steady despite all the twists, turns, false promises, propaganda, accusations and hot air.” 😉


  11. Posted by Anthony on July 7, 2015 at 12:44 am

    Hey, *I* fear that wand!! Totally believe in ‘Magic’, and had it demonstrated to me by an ex who decided to send a demon after me. It was that experience that got me into researching Archons et. al.

    BTW, not sure if this is the place to post it, but do you record your dreams? Are you good at deciphering them? I recently had a dream where the ankle-biter that had been haunting my dreams had me cornered when – from the depths of my being – I ‘illuminated’ it with light from within myself, and then from out of nowhere there was this mad rush of Viking cowboys with lassos who burst onto the scene and they lassoed that thing and took it away!! Not sure what it means, but it hasn’t been back since (knock on wood…). The posse that got them looked like that bunch of scruffs from those ‘what is in YOUR pocket?!’ commercials! My dreams are more entertaining than my life!!

    And a p.s. BTW: lately, I have had a lot of dreams about robots. Androids that can do anything, anytime, anywhere. I didn’t know what to think about them, but I also kept seeing the name ‘Cassandra’ everywhere – too often to be mere coincidence. I did a web search, and aside from that poor Goddess Apollo cursed to always give accurate – but ignored – prophecies (!), I saw that almost every major program uses a database with that name (Facebook, Apache, etc. use it). It seems to be a universal constant with computer programs that interface with the internet. Then: I read this yesterday from Cosmic Awareness: (the July 2 Jade Helm PDF)

    So, I wonder…might this be a needed target for Reiki?!!!

    Just an FWIW, since I’m not really sure what to make of this stuff and thought you might get an intuitive hit. My own intuition tells me that a natural solution might be very useful…

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  12. Posted by Maggie on July 7, 2015 at 2:02 am

    Hi Laura,

    Many thanks for your post and the savvy non consent intro!! Very important in these times. I’ve come to believe the day of the ‘saviour’ is over – unless we continue to feed that possibility by giving our power to someone else to ‘save the day’ for us. Being our own authority as sovereign Beings and co-creating with others in the spirit of love and peace is a more resonant way to design and live the type of reality we choose. “If we become wise as serpents, harmless as doves, then we can have our new world, but it will be MUCH more of our making!” Absolutely 🙂

    In terms of manipulation via nlp etc, I’ve noticed this one big time popping up everywhere. Take this formula – someone speaks publicly about all the concerns we have (‘we’ being those of us seeking to create a humane, abundance for all, joyful reality here and now and on every level), have them make many comments publicly in alignment with the principles that “we” value, convince us that they’re sincere (??) and then in the midst of the gushing platitudes, toss in the odd indigestible comment, or misogynistic joke, or disempowering message that completely invalidates the meaning of all that was said before. This is designed to disrupt the discriminative faculties and seeks to make the life depleting and disempowering comments valid and digestible. Am I describing nlp?? Marshall McLuhan (Canadian philosopher of communication theory) once identified what I’ve described as “the inoculation method” commonly used via mass media from the very early days of TV. Being aware when we’re most entertained and feeling all cosy, that we’re also the most receptive, is important. Personally I feel those who are awake don’t fall for any of it… yet is still becomes sticky to even engage with those who carry out these strategies whether they do so consciously or not.

    I don’t follow much of what you describe, but have gleaned a bit of info from news here and there – enough for me to choose to ignore it and keep affirming my non-consent to any and all agreements which serve to disempower, and seek to usurp my authority toward an end game which absolutely does not sit in alignment with who I AM as a Sovereign being.

    A very clarifying moment here – thank you again Laura! Hugs to you:)

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  13. And thank you, Maggie, for the excellent descriptions of the inoculation method. Yes, that is very, very common. Oftentimes people can’t put their finger on why they don’t feel right about someone, and if you point out those things, everything clicks, but in the meantime, there can be a lot of internal warring. Excellent example!

    Thanks and hugs,


  14. Yeah, you’re right. “Cassandra” is everywhere. It’s a cool name, but it also makes me wonder if on a subconscious level it’s not meant to get everyone to dismiss prophecies/conspiracies, kind of setting people up with this idea that if they speak the truth they will never be believed.

    Your dream about the Vikings would make perfect sense if you’d been using the THORN Rune. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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