Ran Prieur: “The reason I’m no longer a doomer is because I got tired of being wrong.”

Yes! As someone who loves taking the worst of the worst — whether a discarded door, a neglected property, or someone with “the worst symptoms of Lyme Disease any doctor has ever seen” (and I’ve now heard that exact phrase from dozens of clients) — and shifting that worst of the worst into something magical, delightful and extraordinary, I have never considered myself a doomer. I’m an artist, and I just love these opportunities to create and to co-create with others.

So, yeah, we’ve got no shortage of challenges facing us, but that doesn’t mean get depressed and stick our heads in the sand. That means we’ve got a new door, a new opportunity, a new life, which we get to build, and the Universe has been kind enough to remove some of our inertia and resistance by pinching, nudging and poking us in the directions our souls already long to go.

Time to root deep, grow tall and strong, fruit, and send those seeds all over the place!

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  1. I used to read Ran’s blog years ago, and then I forgot his name and couldn’t find him again. Nice to see that he has emerged from adolescence somewhat less estranged. He is very good writer.

    To wit:
    Arthur C. Clarke in 1964 on the “future.”

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  2. Yes yes and yes! Rooting deep and soaring high! Celebrating this mighty cosmic and earthy ride 😉 ❤

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  3. Posted by James G on July 5, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    This is perfect Laura. This shows how polarization is a waist of time. It dose not matter if it’s mainstream media or alternative media. They just want to polarize you. It does not matter wether they are right or wrong. When your polarized your easily controlled. I’m glad Mr. Prieur is figuring it out in his own way. Stay grounded. 😊

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