Mandatory vaccination: California is ordering genetic alteration

About once per week, I receive an email from someone wanting to move to California, requesting my opinion on such a move. Ummmmm, well…. where to start?!

It’s not my place to tell anyone where to move or not, but pay attention to what’s happening there. If you live in CA and you don’t support SB277, then (please!) do something about it, or remove yourself and your tax dollar support, or both. Between the geo-engineered drought, the near bankruptcy of the state, all the surveillance, regulations, expense, and most importantly, this vaccine ATROCITY, all I can say is that I left in 2010 and haven’t looked back, despite still having dear friends, relatives and clients who live there.

Seriously, if you’re in CA or plan to move there for some strange reason, then now is the time to step up and speak out. The phrase, “not on my watch” comes to mind. If you live there, guess what? It’s your watch. They say, “As California goes, so goes the rest of the country,” but, to that I say, “Not on MY watch” where I live. Complete silence and willful ignorance are taken as agreement and permission. Do YOU consent to this? If not, then how do you intend to bring that non-consent into a ***tangible***, do-not-cross line in the sand? You can work things on multiple levels, but doing nothing means you’re choosing. Make sure you can live with what you choose, because the level of information available now renders the “I didn’t know” excuse completely null and void.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [, women and children] do nothing.” Are you a good man, woman or child? Are you doing nothing?

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Mandatory vaccination: California is ordering genetic alteration

Vaccination = generation-to-generation genetic changes

Therefore, California is mandating genetic changes

by Jon Rappoport

June 30, 2015

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Governor Jerry Brown just signed SB277 into law in California. No more religious or philosophical exemption from vaccination.

Now only a medical doctor’s note stating a person should not be vaccinated will provide an exemption—and you can be sure doctors who sign a number of these notes will be tracked, scrutinized, harassed, and attacked by the State.

SB277 requires all children who attend public and private schools to receive the full schedule of vaccines.

Home-schooled children can opt out of vaccination. Pay attention, parents.

I’ve written many articles about vaccines, about their dangers, their undeserved reputation for having eliminated contagious diseases in the West, and the absurdity of so-called herd immunity

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  1. I love California, earthquakes and all. I was born here and I’m not going to leave just because the crazy lawmakers are falling prey to corporate pressures. There is a strong resistance movement to the forced vaccination policy and we are not going to take it lying down. Unfortunately, the fear tactics have convinced a lot of otherwise sane people to support the decision.

    BTW California is no longer near bankruptcy since Brown took over. He’s done a lot of good things over the years. I am wondering what sort of pressures they put on him to sign this thing, because it doesn’t fit his usual progressive pattern. To those people thinking of moving here – it is very expensive and getting more so because so many people move here and drive up property values, so please don’t unless you have a very good reason. Now many of us native Californians can barely afford to rent, let alone buy our own place. Like anywhere else, there are pros and cons. Love where you are.


  2. Glad to hear there’s a strong resistance movement and that CA is doing better financially. “Love where you are” … exactly! Thanks for chiming in. ❤


  3. Posted by Anthony on July 2, 2015 at 3:04 am

    Well, I live in Cal and even as a Biologist I have always been against vaccinations. I honestly save links and print out scientific articles showing the dangers of vaccinations (and I was going to leave a link to a collection of 200 scientific abstracts of articles showing the dangers of vaccines, but lo and behold! The link is dead) and try to reason with people about vaccinations, but it is a useless endeavor. Those who are for vaccinations are mentally and emotionally brainwashed and identify with their emotions, so they won’t even take a single second to listen to a well-reasoned argument – and this includes MY SCIENTIFIC PEERS.

    So at this point, this isn’t just a California problem but an ideological one, and one that we seem to be losing. What is really depressing to me is that many people who are on to one or more of the hellish things going on right now – GMO foods; Fukushima; fracking; fluoridation; geoengineering etc. – are *still* not willing to let go of what they THINK they ‘know’ about vaccinations. And all it takes to be ‘taken in’ is one hook, folks…

    So, until and unless people are willing and able to examine each and every belief that they have, and be willing to update or release those that no longer fit based on current facts, this will be a problem. And an increasing one: our dear government is now considering making California’s law the nation’s law. And you can be sure that is just one step and one false-flag terror event from making that law stick with us adults, too.

    I will continue to do what I can to wake people up, and I am making inroads with geoengineering – but this vaccination thing has just been driven into people too deeply. Let us pray that more and more of the evils of vaccination make the alternative news, especially the realization that ALL POSITIVE VACCINATION RESEARCH HAS BEEN FUNDED BY THE COMPANIES WHO MAKE THE VACCINES, and their lobbies have ears in congress (as well as seats – many who worked in the medical industry are now congressmen and senators).

    It isn’t just California, Laura. It is everywhere, and the stakes are getting bigger with every state that passes these laws.


  4. Thanks for your comment, Anthony, and for the awareness you try to raise on various issues. I know that they’re trying to get this going everywhere — have for years researched how to detox from a forced vaccine, since my body rejects these things. When I say “multiple levels,” I do mean multiple levels are fair game in this fight, imho. That includes Reiki Healing Attunements on this situation, purging magic on this law, Runes for clarity so that the whole charade becomes apparent, in addition to educating people, writing letters, and raising awareness. But people in California need to do something, as right now this is a CA law. If it gets struck down in CA, then the rest of the nation has more hope. If CA residents just let this slide along with all the other things currently being swept under the rug or bizarrely celebrated, then they will have acted as catalysts for the fire engulfing what little (legally) remains of freedom in this country. So, yes, it is the responsibility of CA citizens to neutralize this law by whatever means necessary … and whenever it comes calling in another state, same thing, it’s those citizens’ responsibility to honor their watch.


  5. Posted by DW on July 2, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    This is precisely why I’d welcome intelligent, aware, informed people to CA. I’m born and raised here, left and returned here many times. If you feel called to come and be a part of this impending transformation, if the Earth needs your presence here, please look me up. Yes, it’s very intense here right now. We could use the help! And I agree with Anthony: the ideological brainwashing of vaccination is beyond any other topic in unwillingness to listen/consider. The upside of all this insanity is that it is more and more clear we are all in this together, state/country/neighborhood lines or not. Yes, responsibility is with the individual, BUT, I think the way any of this will transform on a larger level is by support from all over. So please send prayers, Reiki, love, thoughts, wishes, whatever mojo ya got – California needs the support. If we can collectively heal California…I would hope so goes the rest of the country.


  6. Prayers, Reiki, love have been on the way for a long time. Hopefully, people will step them up, but those things coming from outside the state will not override people’s demands within the state for this law. Free will, etc., so stepping up the education within the state and stepping up your own intentions as state residents has more oomph than from outside. If the people are screaming for this with their hearts and minds, then those directly affected who are intending otherwise have much more weight than those from outside CA’s boundaries. Yes, we are all in this together, but the dynamic I just explained is why I emphasized choice so much in the original post. Thanks for your warm welcome to CA to anyone who feels sincerely and consciously drawn there at this time. It’s true, people are being strategically placed. 🙂


  7. It’s not that I don’t welcome people to California. I have many friends from out of state and I am glad they are here. However, I have watched the devastation of our natural environment for 60 years and it breaks my heart every time another orchard or woodland is chopped down to make way for housing developments, expanding freeways, and shopping malls to serve the needs of the ever-growing influx of people. As a youngster, I watched the fertile Santa Clara Valley turn from Paradise to a hideous, smoggy, suburban sprawl… renamed Silicon Valley. Our wonderful apricots and prunes were mowed down and our creeks were lined with concrete, all in the name of money and growth. Just recently, our San Juaquin river disappeared because so much water was taken from it – a river!

    I now spend a lot of time in Oakland where many thousands are homeless, because they can no longer afford a place to live. They beg on street corners, sleep in cardboard boxes through freezing winter nights, and sometimes die of the cold. Sidewalks are littered with human excrement and urine. Oakland may have one of the most obvious problems, but this is happening all over California. Even where we don’t see it, there are thousands of homeless people living under bridges. Recent statistics show that there are nearly 130,000 homeless people in California – the size of a small city! We just don’t have the infrastructure to provide homes for all these people, yet more and more people keep moving in, placing an even greater strain on the housing situation.

    If you want to come here to help out, great. There is so much that needs to be done to protect our environment and serve the needs of people at the bottom of the socioeconomic dog pile. But for those (and there are many) who come here to build or buy huge houses with perfect (chemically-saturated, over-watered) lawns and chlorinated swimming pools, please don’t give developers more reasons and money to destroy our beautiful state. (I know those people are probably not reading this blog, but I just have to put this out there as a magical energy, in the hopes that it will wake up a few people.) Thanks Laura!


  8. Yes, you are so right, wulfworks! I watched the devastation just in the short time I spent in Sonoma County. More and more condos, higher and higher prices, less and less nature. Particularly in the Southern part of the state, but also in parts of the North, the land is NOT meant to house this many people! The drought is exacerbated by geo-engineering, but ultimately, L.A. and Southern CA, even the Central Valley, are all naturally more of a desert climate. All the swimming pools, golf courses and hoity toity housing developments are insane, and they are still building new ones! It was mind boggling to watch, even up in Sonoma County, which is generally more environmentally aware than most places.

    Oakland is scary, and I agree with you — foretelling things to come throughout all of California if a huge portion of the population doesn’t wake up and take immediate action on any and all levels. I know there are also good things happening in Oakland and feel grateful for people like T. Thorn Coyle and for the many permaculture folks working to create urban backyard and frontyard farms. I just can’t imagine why anyone would go to CA expecting a wonderful life if they’re not willing to dig in (literally and metaphorically) and CREATE that wonderful life from the ground up — with sustainable water and energy usage so that they are not drains but rather supports for the environment there.

    Wishing you and all the people working towards a better present and future well!


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