Connecting Dots and Stirring Pots

Today’s post will look and feel more like a mosaic or pointillist painting. I encourage you to take some time with these links and feel your own way into potentials — both negative and positive — so that you’re clear of what kind of bigger picture you wish to create.

We live in interesting times, for sure — a cauldron filled with so much potential nourishment, growth and even magic, provided we familiarize ourselves with the ingredients and recognize how to use them, as well as which ones we might really want to avoid. Rather than blindly letting someone else do the cooking, we’re all invited to step up to the pot, to check and double-check labels, read recipes, survey ingredients, and then to use all of our available awareness, intention and power to create something just right.

For us.

Right now, we’ve got way too many would be cooks and spell casters in the kitchen. Now is the time for individuals to ask: “Do I trust the media, Artificial Intelligence, the CIA, FBI, Monsanto, Banksters, politicians, top down religions, and/or shadowy NGO’s to make my brew? To create my own healing elixer? To feed me nourishing soul-utions?” If not, then kick those usurpers out of your kitchen and get busy!

Dots/Ingredients for your selection or conscious rejection.

(Be sure to substitute something besides the rejected elements, lest the vacancy in your pot magically sucks in an unwelcome ingredient that spoils the whole batch.)

A Disturbance in the PsychoSphere — Guest Post (Jamie at Sophia’s Children introduces an important article by astrologer Molly Hall.)
Saturn In Scorpio –Summer Intensive in Mind Control Written by Molly Hall, this article looks at the astrology of Mind Control — which, it turns out, offers powerful aspects supporting Jade Helm’s desire to “Master the Human Domain,” including a bunch of psyops and mind controlled TV memes just in time to whip unsuspecting swallowers and followers into orchestrated behavior. We’re talking actual spells here, supported by Saturn in Scorpio, not simply turns of phrase. Molly also offers alternatives — how we can use this Summer’s energies to free ourselves instead of joining what seems like an invocation of a literal Zombie Apocalypse.

Jade Helm AI A SuperSoldier reveals the connections between CERN, Jade Helm, AI, international trade agreements, preemptive troop placement, and what “Master the Human Domain” means according to the official Jade Helm reports and papers.

Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy with Its Programmer The Wall Street Journal shares a short, chilling interview with an AI who doesn’t understand “morality.”

Why Is Google Building a Robot Army? Popular Science article exploring Google’s strange dedication to creating an army of AI robots.

“Those Who Routinely Slander the South are Bigots,” posted on Malcolm’s Round Table. I went to school in the South — at UNC-Chapel Hill, and, like this blogger, I’ve found the double standard both disturbing and unwarranted. Having lived in and traveled around the South during college, I felt the racism and racial segregation of Chicago as an unexpectedly hard slap in the face when I moved there for graduate school. Living now in Northern Indiana, I can say that the South is not the most racist area of the country. It’s different, yes, but if you haven’t lived there and many other places for comparison, then please don’t simply swallow stereotypes, especially when artificially manipulated and enflamed in order to trigger another “Civil” War.

We can’t shame or legislate tolerance, and true compassion and respect don’t mean we’re all the same. That’s also why I reposted my book review of Will Allen’s “The Good Food Revolution.” Here’s a black man, married to a white woman, the son of a sharecropper, and a person acutely aware of racism, who neither trashes the South nor accepts bigotry nor a victim mentality. Instead, he has created entire systems and beautiful ripple effects by recognizing the humanity in each individual, regardless of color, creed or origin. We can all learn so much from him.

Wild card ingredients available for reclamation and co-creation:

The Power of Imagination This article contains interesting studies and stories validating how powerful our imaginations really are: “In the 1980 Olympics the Russians used this technique. They split their athletes into four groups: Groups A through D. Group A used 100% traditional physical practice; Group B 75% physical 25% mental; Group C, 50% physical – 50% mental and Group D was 75% mental and 25% physical practice. After the Moscow Olympics and the Lake Placid Olympics these world class athletes scores were tallied and those in Group D had won the most medals.”

25 Powerful Photos Showing Human Compassion. Moments like these spell hope for humanity.

Art, Imagination and Magic an article by Jon Rappoport, one of the staunchest advocates for life beyond the automaton.

The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth, by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor. Not the Pope’s version of planetary alignment, this book will blow your patriarchal dominated mind and provide new context and models through suppressed history of the Goddess and empowered Feminine.

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, 2nd Edition, by Toby Hemenway. “The first edition of Gaia’s Garden sparked the imagination of America’s home gardeners, introducing permaculture’s central message: Working with Nature, not against her, results in more beautiful, abundant, and forgiving gardens. This extensively revised and expanded second edition broadens the reach and depth of the permaculture approach for urban and suburban growers.”

The Underworld Initiation: A journey towards psychic transformation, by RJ Stewart
My Amazon review: “This book blew me away in its scholarly approach to ancient folk songs and the bardic tradition and what these reveal about true magic and UnderWorld initiation. My brain kept going off like popcorn as RJ Stewart explained (in depth and through tradition) conclusions that I’d drawn through personal experience. I love that he’s not in any way, shape or form a New Age fluff bunny, and he shares my frustration with how watered down, black/white, and disempowering most versions of “spirituality” have become. I was pleasantly surprised to find his insights into Christian tradition both deep and engaging. I loved this book so much that after three chapters I went on his site and ordered another four books to go along with this one and the two others (as yet unread) that I ordered from Amazon. I can’t recall any other author I’ve ever done this with before or since.

“A note for readers who prefer ‘Wicca Lite’ or who think faeries are all like Tinkerbell: you probably won’t like this book. The paragraphs are dense. I’ve studied folklore and the Faery Tradition for decades, and I have an academic background myself. Even given that, I often found myself rereading paragraphs three or more times in order to fully grasp their meaning. This is the kind of book that seeps into your heart before your left brain really comprehends what he says. It’s powerful and potent, but slow reading and probably of minimal interest for the dabbler.”

Feel free to mix and match and bring in your own ingredients. After all, it’s your brew, your stew, your New.

Many Blessings!

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  1. Posted by Senatssekretär FREISTAAT DANZIG on June 27, 2015 at 4:34 pm

  2. i like this part you said: “Right now, we’ve got way too many would be cooks and spell casters in the kitchen. Now is the time for individuals to ask: “Do I trust the media, Artificial Intelligence, the CIA, FBI, Monsanto, Banksters, politicians, top down religions, and/or shadowy NGO’s to make my brew? To create my own healing elixer? To feed me nourishing soul-utions?” If not, then kick those usurpers out of your kitchen and get busy!”

    and what i’d like to add to this is that the too many cooks and spell casters in the kitchen to question in terms of trust include spiritual new agers. i can’t tell you how much aversion i am experiencing to that group as well. yet understanding it’s all part of the bigger picture…just not my picture and reality anymore.

    as you said, it’s about creating our OWN healing elixir even if that completely rocks the boats of everything we once knew or at one time felt aligned with. time to create new paths and forge ahead into the unknown, but personally aligned, creative adventure!

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  3. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    thoughtful and thought provoking if you take the time to read. get familiar with what’s going on out there, then you know what choices you want to make, better informed. Thank you Laura.

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  4. Posted by Molly Hall on June 28, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Hi Laura,
    Yours is one of the few blogs I subscribe to, ’cause I know you’re discriminating.
    I must say the link to the A.I. and Jade Helm article – and especially the interview – filled in some ingredients to the cauldron that leave me feeling informed, so that’s a type of nourishment. Some dots are joined for me to do with the nano-trails and the creation of ‘nodes’ on a control grid that’s run on a.i. (or an archontic-synthetic super computer network).
    And yet, I can see from that how the synthetic version is just a mimicking of what we are naturally – ‘nodes’ of soul, compassion, empathy, conscience, intelligence, etc.
    Thanks for including me on your list.
    Warmly, Molly

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    • Thanks so much for your article and your comment, Molly! Yes, the synthetic version can actually make people more aware of what’s naturally already there, yet unseen or unrealized — kind of like the pseudo Matrix can help make us aware of a totally different kind of matrix, like the mycellium, running through the soil — that which connects us all to each other and to the planet, but in a good, positive way. Warmest blessings to you! Laura

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  5. Posted by DW on July 1, 2015 at 1:47 am

    I had a similar experience as Molly’s with those particular articles. Had to force myself to read the WSJ A.I. one, but was worth it (did anyone feed that “computer using a database of movie scripts” the Terminator series? I would add that Hollywood doesn’t know what love is either…).

    Now wondering if an A.I. drone program would consider me an insurgent for cancelling my facebook account? (Seriously, I’m wondering.) But these do connect some dots from a few observations in the city that I hadn’t been able to make sense of.

    I had “the Underworld Initiation” in an online shopping cart, waiting for another book inspiration to hit…and there it is: “The Good Food Revolution.” 🙂 Got both used for total of $10. Since the library doesn’t tend to have these titles, maybe donating them there after reading will be next step…always nice to share recipes.
    xo Dayna

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    • Very cool that you’re getting these books for such good deals. 🙂 I have no idea about the Terminator series. Sorry, I’m a pop culture flunkie, especially when it comes to big screen Hollywood movies. As you know, I’m just generally not interested or end up watching them a decade later on the small screen. Perhaps someone else has seen this series and can comment? xo



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