Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System ~ Sun’s Magentic Field 230% Stronger

I have been sensing and noting this phenomenon for years. It’s why although I completely recognize manmade Earth poisoning, I feel that global warming and climate chaos are much more complex than certain NGO’s, religions and governments would have us believe. This article and the accompanying videos document trends occurring throughout our solar system and that this new higher level of energy will affect everything in the solar system on all levels — mental, emotional, spiritual and material. The first video repeats some of the text, but shows footage and contains additional information.

On a personal note, I have seen the object shown in the second video, and on numerous occasions, I’ve seen what looks like a second Sun (or at least a radiant body behind the Sun). I’ve also received privately emailed videos taken by various blog readers, clients and friends from around the world — people I know and trust, not just random YouTube personalities — and let’s just say, the sky doesn’t appear the way it used to appear! A couple weeks ago, I watched the most amazing display of call and response lights in the atmosphere. The closest thing I could compare it to would be heat lightning, but it was like no heat lightning I’ve witnessed before. I described it to David as “Clash of the Titans,” and indeed, whatever took place that night was witnessed by some others in Indiana as the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen.

I make no conclusions — just offering some information that you can ignore or sort/discern for yourselves.

Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System – Sun’s Magnetic Field 230% Stronger

Strange things are happening in both outer and inner space scientists are discovering that the Solar System, the sun, and life itself are mutating in totally unprecedented ways.

They are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that have never been seen before Studies show that the Sun and the planets themselves are physically changing at an accelerated pace. Most notably, they are undergoing major changes in their atmospheres.

Sun. The Sun is the center of our Solar System, and all life that is on this Earth came from the Sun. If there were no Sun, we would not be alive. This is simply scientific fact. And so any changes that occur in or on the Sun will eventually affect every person alive.

We know that the Sun’s magnetic field has changed in the last 100 years. There’s a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories, in California. Dr. Lockwood has been investigating the Sun, and reports that since 1901 the overall magnetic field of the Sun has become stronger by 230 percent.

Moon: Earth’s moon is growing an atmosphere . Around the moon, there is this 6,000- kilometer- deep layer of Natrium that wasn’t there before.

Mercury: Unexpected polar ice discovered, along with a surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field.

Venus: 2500% increase in auroral brightness, and substantive global atmospheric changes in less than 40 years.

Mars: “Global Warming,” huge storms, disappearance of polar icecaps.

Jupiter: Over 200% increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds.(Huge belts in the giant planet’s atmosphere have changed color, radiation hotspots have faded and flared up again, and cloud levels have thickened and dissolved, all while space rocks have been hurtling into it the gas giant.)

Saturn: Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only 30 years, accompanied by surprising surge of X-rays from equator.

Uranus: Big changes in brightness, increased global cloud activity (This planet used to have a very calm atmosphere. )

Neptune: 40% increase in atmospheric brightness.

Pluto: 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun.

Earth: Substantial and obvious world-wide weather and geophysical changes. Earth’s Axis has changed. On Earth, the overall volcanic activity increased 500 percent from 1875 to 1975, while the earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent since 1973. Dr. Dmitriev says that comparing the years 1963 to 1993, the overall number of natural disasters — hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, etc. — has increased by 410 percent.

The Earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing. This decrease actually began 2000 years ago, but the rate of decrease suddenly became much more rapid 500 years ago. Now, in the last 20 years or so, the magnetic field has become erratic.

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  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on June 25, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    I came upon this yesterday…very interesting, brilliant actually, and some interesting comments as well. Much love!

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  3. Posted by James G on June 25, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    I may sound crazy in saying this, but what the sun is doing right now started on Dec 21 2012. It’s doing what the Mayans told us it was going to do. To keep a long story short, we are getting an upgrade😊. NASA and the government have spent billions of dollars to find out the sun controls everything. Weather, volcanoes, earthquakes and to an extent me and you. I’m big on the electric universe theory and believe the sun is a ball of electronic plasma. The light show you saw Laura, I believe was electromagnetism from the sun changing our jet streams. Everyone sit back enjoy the show and accept the upgrade.


  4. I agree there’s an upgrade happening, although people are accepting it to varying degrees, as an upgrade in consciousness brings with it an uptick in responsibility. The “r” word sends so many people running for cover. I’m not sure anyone can outrun this, though. 😉


  5. Also, actually, I saw the second sun in Madison, which was before December 21, 2012 — that year, but maybe October. In any case, things are changing. Enjoy Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.


  6. Thanks, Bo! Very interesting link and comments.


  7. Thanks, Sophia! I watched part of this yesterday, too. Interesting comments, indeed! Love to you 🙂


  8. Posted by Cheryl on June 25, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    So true, been noticing a lot of this for a while now -here, on earth – did not realize the extent of the shifts throughout our solar system, though of course that makes sense – it wouldn’t just be happening here. Momentous shift underway for sure. As it typed “shift” autocorrect changed it to “gift”. Hmmmm, all a matter of interpretation, yes? ❤️

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  9. Posted by DW on June 25, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Very interesting info. And great comments. “NASA and the government have spent billions of dollars to find out the sun controls everything.” Haha. Responsibility as the “r” word indeed. I’ve been in the same place for 2 years, and the sky, the moon, the sun are all very very different in that small amount of time. Plus those new additions….I like the interpretation of “gift.” As Laura once said, “it all depends how much people are willing to receive…” (loose quote).

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  10. I love when autocorrect actually gets something righter than right! ❤


  11. I’ve had several days in the past month in which the sky looked so different here that it freaked me out all day and evening whenever I looked outside. I’m outside a lot and very observant, have been for years here. We are getting a different spectrum of colors on some days — radically different — and, though I’m no astrologer or astronomer, the planets look very different than they used to look!


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  13. Posted by Barbara on June 25, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Laura,

    Agreed about the sky looking different during the day and at night. I’ve seen what looked like a Second Sun a couple of times, but it was much bigger than the object in the vid. And the Light outside is one day so bright it’s almost blinding and the next day, very dim. The colours do not seem as vivid, the clouds no longer recognizable, and there can be no doubt we’re heating up. At night I find the stars and planets are much brighter. Everything in my garden is at least four to six weeks early and demanding much more water than usual. Strange, but in my heart I know it’s all good. Thanks for posting this information. Could be we’re creating another Milky Way, then we’ll have two, one positive, one negative, and duality no more? B.


  14. I’ve wondered about that, Barbara! Many times, there does seem to be an overlay — slightly off kilter — of two different realities, or rather two main trends of realities. One favors Earth healing, organic and biodynamic foods, responsible co-creation, reinstatement of the Mother Goddess, harmony, responsible use of technology, and sharing. The other favors A.I. takeover, GMO’s and the move towards greater control, a handout culture or learned helplessness, and synthetic everything. The two realities seem so divergent and the choices so obvious that no one can claim surprise when they wind up in one of them! It will all have arisen through choice, if not conscious then at least via vibration. Who knows, though, really? I just notice the flux and apparent sorting. We shall see, eh?


  15. Posted by Kieron on June 25, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Well, you know we’ve had our discussions already about the amplitude of the Sun, but last night I dreamed I was looking up at the sky, and in the East there were two Suns, the same size but different colors. One was very pastel, faint, almost like the waning Moon when the Sun is up already, and distinctly separate from what seemed like the main Sun. The odd thing (ha!) was I could look at them as though they were the Moon, with no discomfort. I don’t remember anything else. And then you posted this.

    oh and I saw your double, shopping in the co-op last evening. She smiled at me as she passed and I was sure it was you, only taller. I know I’ve seen her before so we must have crossed paths at one point. I’m gradually growing used to all this bleed-through and overlapping.

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  16. Posted by DW on June 25, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    Laura, Barbara, yes, here in CA too (not that we don’t all share a sky), in recent months. I try not to freak out and just observe: “hmm, the sky doesn’t look — or feel, really — like the sky…” It’s making for some very interesting photography, though I find myself reaching up with the impression that I would touch solid atmosphere or… something. I really appreciate the information sharing!

    Also, sojourn to the forest this week and absolutely noticed a Milky Way that doesn’t look anything (much more of it) like the one I’ve seen in earlier years in more remote areas…

    Side note: re-watched Joe vs. the Volcano last night (not quite as fun as 25 years ago and my how the world has changed!) but it has some very nice respect for the sun as well as the moon. I suggest as movie antidote! Unless you’re worried about volcanoes, but even so, “nobody knows anything. We’ll jump, and we’ll see.”

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  17. Too funny how my blog bleeds through into your “real” life! That’s a very cool dream, worth sitting with for awhile.


  18. Thanks for adding your observations, DW. Someone else just emailed me about the Sun not being in the same spot as before, and I know I’ve noticed the same thing, via plants in our house that used to get a nice direct blast of sunlight not being in the sun’s trajectory anymore, even in the same month as years prior. I know some tribes have noticed the same thing far north and have indicated that this is a reason for the melting ice caps and climate change up there — “The Sun’s not where it’s supposed to be.” It sure makes tree planting and perennial gardening interesting, if you need to consider not just how tall things will grow, but from which — currently unknown angle — they might shade their neighbors. xoxo


  19. Kyron said long ago the Earth had a second Sun, but the sun was shut down so life would develop more slowly on Earth. It was also to hide the planet (as E.T.s look for solar systems with two suns to find life).

    Not sure how accurate this is, but perhaps a bit of the old sun still survives… maybe it is waking up, and we will slowly have two suns in the sky. Perhaps it is common for one sun to sleep a while and slowly wake up. We are talking very slowly, because suddenly having two full suns would be too much change at once.

    I’d say this small light behind the sun has been increasing at a rate of 250% since 1901. Most of the reason for the changes in the sun as its sister is waking. For a time we will have two suns then the male side of the sun will sleep as the female shines. (They often assassinate the sun as male, and the Earth as female.) This might be the opposite one day.

    So this second sun is the female power of our solar system waking up. In the absence of it, the Earth took on its female power for balance. The Earth like many things is actually not solely a Mother, but also a Father.

    … Actually other then what Kyron said I’m making this up as I go along. I have no sources, I am not even Channeling. I have no idea where these ideas are coming from.

    I dreamt that my presence was needed in California for the rain to return. So an organization faked me winning a house there to get me to move. It would take time before the presence I made in would California build up to rain, but if I drove a car in the state it would come faster. So this organization kept on making me travel throughout the state, because they wanted rain as soon as possible. “If you go here you can pick up a computer you won.” “If you go here you can pick up a expensive mattress you just won.” I am not one for discovering meanings of dreams…

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  20. Posted by James G on June 26, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    The second sun in ancient history was the planet Tiamat. The asteroid belt is all that is left. She was 15 to 20 times the size of earth and was all water. Her reflection made her look like a second sun. The ancient texts say are oceans came from her, but that’s another very interesting story. 😉


  21. Interesting insights, peacenowflower. I assume “assassinate” was an autocorrect of associate, yes? Maybe you can do a little ceremony for California. I’ve done some Rune-ing for a friend who owns property there, and he got rain for three days after I did it. I found that it took much concentration and time to continue on my end, since I have a lot of other things I’m focusing on and nurturing right now. If everyone does their little part, though, things can shift. I found the AR Rune very helpful at breaking up the chemtrails blocking the rains.

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  22. Thanks, James! I’ve heard that story, too, and Monica Sjoo gives a very poignant version of it in Great Cosmic Mother. If I remember correctly, Leonard Shlain included that as one of his examples of how literacy changed the creation story into something much more brutal and anti-Goddess. It was in his book, The Alphabet Versus The Goddess.


  23. I thought that it was a sign that I need to move to California. I gave the Fae crystals for help with my garden and now it’s been raining so much that I haven’t had to water the garden since. Not sure my neighbors like all the rain though. I was thinking if I did the same in California people wouldn’t complain to have so much rain.

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  24. I personally would not move to California for a very wide variety of reasons, but maybe you could just take a trip there and put down some crystals? You can also create a sacred circle with the intention that whatever you do in the circle helps to heal California’s drought situation.

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  25. Maybe someday. I am actually going to talk to a dream worker about the meaning of my dreams. As many Dreams as I can fit into the time.

    My family has people who might move to California in a year. If I missed them I always figured I would have to move there too.

    I also like the fruit that grows there. And I am told the people are nice. I have never been there, but maybe a trip is enough for now… I will enter sweepstakes, if I find one that wins a trip to California. (Currently no $ for trip. I have trouble not spending the little money I earn.)

    That fits with the theme of the dream, too.

    I used to enter so many sweepstakes because it was all I had the energy to do. I stopped when I got more energy. I would listen to music videos or enter sweepstakes.

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  26. Posted by Is the Entire Solar System Changing? And if so, how will this, and other “phenomena” be used? | Exopermaculture on June 27, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    […] Something Is Affecting the Entire Solar System — Sun’s Magnetic Field 230% Stronger […]


  27. Hi Laura, thanks for posting the info about Orgonia. I would like to purchase the pucks and have sent several Contact emails through Bo’s website but have yet to get a reply in the past 7-10days. Is there another way to make contact? Appreciate your help.


  28. Hi Francina,
    You’re welcome. I think he may have been out of town — not sure. I can send him an email with your contact info if you’d like.


  29. Thanks Laura, that would be great. I sent your blog post with the Orgonia link to some of my contacts and got about 6 responses asking if I was going to purchase. Were all just waiting for his email reply to make sure someone is on the other end.


  30. I received no inquiry from either the bigcartel site or the Orgoniagifter site in the past week. My direct email is:


  31. Thanks, Bo!


  32. Please see Bo’s comment (E.M. Long) here which includes his email addresses. Apparently, your request did not go through, so thanks for checking!


  33. I have been here at the shop filling orders every day. If anyone else has had trouble with the contact forms please let me know.

    Back to the subject at hand:

    “Everything living on the Earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the moon…. All movements, actions, and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the moon and are controlled by the moon…. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical life and all our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape from the power of the moon.”


  34. Thanks for the link! I have heard this before, although I’m always a bit skeptical in that the Moon has traditionally been associated with the Goddess, the Feminine and magic. While I do believe the Moon has been co-opted, my jury’s out RE: a balanced relationship with the Moon. In a completely interconnected, harmonious world, there would be no need to “escape,” because things would be back in balance. My personal theory is that because the Feminine has been so utterly rejected by the dominant societies and religions on this planet, that the Moon has become super powerful in some realms, including the Shadow realms … but that reharmonizing with the Goddess and the Divine and Sacred Feminine brings all those energies back into cooperation, so it’s much less about escape or rejection (which has already been happening for millennia) than it is about reintegration. Can’t prove it, of course, but the anti-Moon diatribes generally seem too simple.


  35. As we know, Gurdjieff was more than a bit of a trickster and even a con man. I only throw it in here to spice the pot.

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  36. Haha! Yeah, he was an interesting bird — very influential on some people I respect, though, so I do give him some respect, just not total agreement by any means. 🙂


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