One Week Left for June 2015 Specials


This month’s specials reflect requests and sharing from recent sessions and emails. The two specials actually complement each other well, since positive (yet dramatic) timeline shifts can feel a bit bumpy, while Reiki helps to smooth and ease transitions. Singly or together, I hope you find this month’s offerings supportive of the intense energies, longings and opportunities continuing to explode on the scene these days.

Timeline Tune-In and Tune-Up

This hour session helps you to recognize your likely trajectory based on current energy patterns, intentions, and habits … and then, I search for the closest parallel reality versions of “you” with very slight differences that lead to more preferred (and more varied/greater opportunities for) positive outcomes. The scan and download are actually easier for me to do than to explain here, but if you’ve ever seen the movie “Sliding Doors” with its alternate reality story lines that intersect at certain points throughout the film, I’ll be scanning you for the stickiest intersection points.

The reading gives you a heads up regarding the types of feelings, thoughts and experiences to watch for if you’re looking to sidestep onto a more positive timeline without needing to slog through linear time to get your desired life. These “timeline hops,” “portal points,” “reality jumps” — whatever you want to call them — are not only possible but powerful, and with awareness and practice, you can learn to surf such opportunities, charting your own course from current to next closest to preferred realities.

$133 if prepaid by 6/30/15. Please contact me to sign up.

$77 Reiki Sessions

With all the intensity flying around these days, it seems like a good time to run a Reiki special. Reiki is an ancient healing method rediscovered in the 19th century by the Japanese monk Dr. Mikao Usui. The “Rei” in Reiki stands for “universal” or “spiritual,” and the “ki” corresponds to the “life force energy” known as “Chi” or “prana” in other Eastern systems of healing and energy work such as feng shui, Tai Chi, Qigong, or yoga. Thus, Reiki refers to “universal life force energy,” “divinely directed healing energy,” or “life energy of a spiritual nature,” with an emphasis on subtle energy fields rather than the physical body. By working on all the different levels, Reiki helps the body to relax into a state that allows optimal self-healing.

Reiki sessions typically last one hour and occur at a distance, usually set to deliver while you’re sleeping and most receptive. If you prefer to be awake and meditating during your session, we can also schedule for a specific time that works for both of us. Gentleness and synchronicity are both hallmarks of Reiki sessions. If prepaid by 6/30/15, Reiki sessions are $77 instead of the usual $85. Please contact me to sign up.

Reiki Certification Classes

We had a wonderful group for the Goshen, Indiana Reiki Level 1 Certification Class this past Saturday. There’s still room in the July 18th Reiki Level 1 Certification Class in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Please contact me if you’d like more information or to sign up. This will be a special class hosted by my sister and will be catered with a meal prepared by a blog reader and student with a great garden and a knack for healthy, fresh foods. Early bird registration for this class ends on July 4th.

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