Garden Tower Update ~ Joyous Abundance Flourishes!

Tania’s Garden Tower is growing well! For those intimidated by big garden projects, she shows just what a total beginner can do to help increase fresh, local food at your fingertips — and beauty all around. Enjoy the bounty!

Tania Marie

tomatoes3 Sun Gold Heirloom Tomatoes

I thought I’d share some photo updates of what’s happening with the Garden Tower and in the garden in general. Since I know nothing about gardening, this is my way of sharing how possible IT IS for ANYONE to grow their own food and create their own sacred garden sanctuary in whatever small space you may have to work with. Even if that means simply a small window area or balcony.

garden sanctuary Our garden sanctuary at sunset

I love waking up each morning to go see what magick has taken place with my plant friends. Everyday is a new surprise, including finding that I’m not the only one who cherishes the strawberries when they are ripe for the picking, as it appears either our raccoon or opossum friend also eagerly awaits just when the strawberries are ready to share in the bounty. That’s okay, as we’ve created…

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  1. love sharing the garden joy with you!! ❤

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  2. […] By the way, Laura Bruno has a new post up on her friend Tania’s success with her new gen 2 Garden Tower. […]



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