The Last Call-Saturn Retrogrades in Scorpio

This is a very long, detailed astrological forecast regarding global finance, trends, and revolutions. Written in November 2014, parts of it have already come to pass, including the prediction of a M8.0 or higher earthquake somewhere near China in spring 2015 (i.e. Nepal). For those of you asking me for exact predictions of “when will the economy crash” or “I need to know exactly what’s going to happen on this planet and when,” please take the time to read this extensive post. So many variables exist right now, but looking at astrological trends from last time Saturn Retrograded in Scorpio, this piece offers specific date windows to watch. Expect the unexpected, but also step into these powerful energies to reclaim what’s yours for the taking — then offer it out in potent new ways. Thanks to hocuspocus13 for the heads up.

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The Pluto-Uranus Square— Last Call The world seems stuck in a groove since 2011, especially in the field of economics, political and social progress. No one’s agenda seems immune to forces of postponement, procrastination and stalemate. Astrology has an answer for this. There have been planets passing in and out of long and sustained tugs of war by the collective influences on the historical eras they represent. These forces are transpersonal, so they affect everyone. Historians might in hindsight note how a certain decade has a particular vibe or atmosphere, such as the partying “Roaring Twenties” or the grim “Great Depression Thirties.” Astrology would say that we label eras, such as the flower children days of the “Psychedelic Sixties” and the “Wall Street greedy” decade of the eighties because aspects derived from the interaction of the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto set the cosmic stage and…

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