VIDEO Hillary, Monsanto’s Poster Puppet, Supports GMOs – Marches against Monsanto, Protest GMO in 38 countries

Thanks to Natural News and Reclaim Our Republic for this piece (and hat tip to hocuspocus13 for reblogging it). Anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton represents any kind of positive change for this country, please do read this piece in full, along with watching the videos if you still can’t see the writing on the wall. In addition to her wily, unethical (laughing about faking a polygraph test) defense of a man who raped a 12 year old girl, this “women’s advocate” is no advocate of anyone who cares about their food, their body or their rights to protect themselves from chemicals and the worst corporate thuggery. I’ve long been aware of this but haven’t had the time or stomach to put it all together. Thank you for gathering the details into one undeniable post.

Reclaim Our Republic

-Foods that cause inflammation and how to avoid them
-This isn’t how to get votes
hillary cereal killer
May 24, 2015 by Christina Sarich

Conservative, liberal or independent – it makes no difference – when one of the nationally recognized presidential candidates for 2016 supports Monsanto, you know that democracy has failed in the United States. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is Monsanto’s next poster puppet. Why? She represents a demographic that wants GMOs labeled. She represents ‘women’ who are, in large part, the people who buy groceries, take them home, and feed their families. She represents ‘democratsl ostensibly educated, liberal, and young – but she doesn’t represent me. That’s because she supports GMOs.

Hillary Rodham Clinton doesn’t represent the American people, either. Recently, she stated her desire to get industry representatives around a table to have an “intensive discussion” about “how the federal government could help biotechs with insurance against…

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