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Here’s a timely one from my friend, Astrologer Timothy Glenn. I could provide a very long, twisty, turn-y, ouch-y, shaking my head and laughing intro about just how right he is, but if you’re living on planet Earth right now, you can probably provide your own synchronous intro. Happy New Moon, Happy Mercury Retrograde, and Happy Earth Retrograde!

Earth Retrograde

As we move into the Mercury retrograde of May 2015, people can now have something to “blame” for their wild and sundry symptoms of transmutation syndrome. For more than a week, a surprising number of folks have been saying things like, “It’s because of the retrograde.” Somewhere along the line, someone heard that we had entered the shadow (or foreshadow) of the Mercury retrograde, so this could now be designated as the cause of all the incidents happening outside the box of their suddenly antiquated interpretations of life.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter that we are barely a blink and a half beyond the seventh exact square of Uranus and Pluto. There is still plenty of time for the energies of this particular world-changing transit to unfold and play out, and there are other astrological influences at play.

All of this ignores where our solar system is currently sailing in relation to the rest of the galaxy. Yes, the planets are still exerting influence on each other in our little solar system game, but we are being profoundly affected by celestial powers on a far grander scale. On a galactic level, we are playing on fresh turf. Let’s pan the cameras back a bit.

Keep It Simple

Especially for those still trying desperately to play the game of life by their pre-2012 rulebooks, these can be trying times.

All points bulletin: “We are no longer in Kansas. Repeat. We are no longer in Kansas.”

We often simplify complex ideas by using analogies, so here is a simple analogy.

All points bulletin: “We are now in Permanent Earth Retrograde. Repeat. We are now in Permanent Earth Retrograde. Please remain calm. You may now proceed to the nearest exit marked Ascension Portal. However, such designations are subject to change without notice. Above all, please remain calm. Breathing is highly recommended. Again: We are now in Permanent Earth Retrograde.”

Don’t Panic

On the front cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you can find these crucial two words (in large, friendly letters): Don’t Panic.

Panic equals fear on steroids. It will not help to flee in terror from panic. Nail-biting anxiety also fails to make the recommended list.

If you feel like a frightened child tip-toeing through a graveyard amidst the shadows of a full moon, you might sing or whistle a Beatles tune: All You Need Is Love.

Pure Infinite Divine Love, in all its unconditional glory, will guide you if you follow it. This Universal Love is the essence of the Infinitude, and is therefore the truest essence of this facet of God pretending to be You as an Earthling. Your own love essence can empower you to see the shadow realms of fear as temporarily manifested illusions, which will phase out of your perceptual range as you enter your own version of Heaven on Earth.

These Are the Times We’ve Been Talking About

The old rules no longer apply. In fact, they only applied in the old world because we made it so. The chrysalis has opened wider, and the time for our emergence has arrived.

Back to our analogy: we can fuss over Mercury or anyone else going retrograde, and then muddle our minds with interpretations based on an alleged reality that has lost its grip on us. Or we can imagine that we have begun a phase of Earth Retrograde that will carry us beyond the outdated concepts of linear time in the tick-tock reality.

As Eric Hoffer said, “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
Perhaps we could forget what we thought we knew about Mercury retrograde, and embark on a magnificent new learning curve in a Permanent Earth Retrograde.

Timothy Glenn


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  2. Wow! I totally *felt* like he had just shared a message! Checked my inbox, and whoop there it is! Thank you for sharing, Laura! We love you!

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  3. how cool is this? I like this guy’s perspectives and approach! Plays my kind of tunes – thanks for sharing!

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  4. Posted by DW on May 19, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Yup, yup yup! This one does feel different, doesn’t it? The tunes playing in my head have been Mary Poppins (the entire soundtrack, thank you). That, and “there’s something happening here/what it is ain’t exactly clear….” I recommend Mary Poppins. It helps!

    Thanks for this! xxo

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  5. Mary Poppins makes everything better! We were just talking about that last night. xoxo


  6. Very cool, Nalla! We love you all, too. 🙂


  7. Glad you enjoyed this, Elena!


  8. Posted by DW on May 19, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Ha! Mary Poppins is my favorite. Grabbing my sidewalk chalk now… 🙂
    much love, all!

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    Tim Glenn and I were having a back and forth, and I mentioned: “Yeah, it’s like Merc Rx all the time these days. 🙂 ” to which he replied: “Anyway — as to your comment: Some articles become more pertinent as time goes by, and are sometimes worthy of reposting — such as:” [this post below … it’s not a New Moon or Merc Rx right now, but yes, his post seems even more relevant today, so here you go!]


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