Garden Tower Power! ~ An Explosion of Organic Goodness Begins

Yay, Tania! So happy you’re gardening now, too. The plants look great! Meanwhile, I’m busy worker bee here getting things reasonably sane before you get here. xoxo, love and celebrations!

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garden6A quick little Garden Tower Project update:

It’s been fun to pick out what goodies I’d be planting this first go-around…and there will be a learning curve to experience along the way indeed, as I’m definitely no expert gardener. I simply plant by intuition and heart, sprinkle a little magick and water, and ask/hope for the Faeries’ assistance. 😉

But I WILL say it’s been a really playful and enjoyable journey so far, which I feel is the important part of anything we set out to do – make it fun and light!garden3

I’ve been learning a few things along the way and Laura has given me a few helpful hints based on her own learning experience with her Garden Tower and gardening in general.

Plus, I’ve had the supportive energy of the little ones here, especially Cosmo whom I’ve had join me out on the deck during planting, nestled…

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  1. yay!! thank you. was so excited to see it all come together and the plants so far are doing great…even after a crazy down pour of rain. looking forward to seeing all the hard work you’ve done!! garden twin powers activate!! 😉

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