Sacred Sexual Alchemy ~ The Root of Creative Magick

Thank you, Tania. This has been on my mind and heart, as well, not only from the music industry, but also from so-called spiritual people advising complete shut-off of all lower chakras and a rejection of natural sensuality, sexuality, embodied pleasure and even matter itself as being completely dirty, wrong and evil. Something beautiful and powerful has been suppressed and abused for so long that people have — by design — forgotten the original alchemical dance between spirit and matter. This is a much bigger topic and on many levels, but thank you for sharing your and Charlotte Szivak’s thoughts and feelings as part of a much needed collective reclamation process.

Tania Marie

I’ve been wanting to share about this topic for a while, but hadn’t the time to put together my thoughts. I was prompted again the other day, to bring it to light, as I heard some rap songs playing somewhere that I was, which made me shake my head at how degrading they were about women, the female body, and sex in general. I was sad and also upset thinking about how people go around singing along with these songs on a daily basis, creating chants and affirmations that are completely conditioning them into more unconscious and blind acts and feelings that are harmful to themselves, others, and the collective at large – this being just ONE way this continues to take place.

It hit a deep chord, to say the least, that stirred my lower Chakras into unrest over the ways we are continually bombarding ourselves with conditioning that…

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  1. welcome!! thank you for sharing and adding to the potent pot that needs stirring. i knew you’d faery chime in with additional goodies! so, so true! i keep having to bring that to light in workshops, what you mentioned about all the lower chakras getting the oust by spiritual people. you’re so right on…these topics we keep hitting on have so many layers and can’t possibly be addressed in articles via blogs, nor are meant to be…it’s simply about bringing things to light and beginning the awakening/remembering process so that further self-exploration can then be done. we can’t do the work for everyone. only ourselves. but hopefully the seeds help plant what can then be cultivated by each with committed, individual responsibility!

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