Tipping the Value Scales Within Our Current Monetary Framework ~ This Shift Has Hit the Fan

Tania’s right. This is so on the radar right now, not just because of tax season, but because things really are shifting. How we make money and what we choose to spend it upon have begun to shift in key segments of society. The dreamers, the intuitives, the artists, the gardeners are beginning to tip the scales away from the old rat race. No longer can people tell themselves “No one can do this,” because people are — many of us. No longer can people say, “The game is completely fixed. I can’t make a difference,” because people ARE making a difference — in beauty, in authenticity, and in each others lives.

In what seems like a former life, I personally had a long, tangled, tar baby dance with the IRS. Gradually over the years, that has shifted into balance so that every tax payment gets a Reiki Healing Attunement to bless anyone connected to those checks, as well as directing the money only towards payments that support life. I often hear of someone doing good things for the Earth receiving a federal grant in an amount comparable to my payment, shortly after I’ve paid in. To me, this comes as a wink from the universe, acknowledging that my intentions have been honored.

When I look at how money flows to and through me, I feel good about where it goes. For years, I have poured money, time and love into this little plot of Earth, which we don’t own and don’t know how long we’ll stay. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. This land needs healing. I can provide it. This town needs beauty. I can provide that. As money flows in, beauty, food, inspiration and healing pour out. And so it happens more and more … good people do good things with money. That is how we change our paradigm, by dreaming, yes, but also by taking inspired actions, by shifting the energy of money back into a positive force for life.

Tania Marie's Blog

An interesting little shift click took place this week that was beyond an individual experience, but truly spoke to something collective that is and has been happening.

It touches on a topic I expound upon a lot in my workshops, as it comes up often as a challenging one for most people and it’s that of money, creating your passion as your life’s work, energy exchanges, and helping to create a new paradigm that supports all the visions and ideals you have, have been working towards manifesting, and have invested your time learning about intellectually for the path of work that you are choosing.

So, this week I had to take a little time out of my work flow to focus on getting my taxes done. Yes, that usually dreaded thing that comes up for us all, and yet while I don’t believe in taxes, and don’t buy into the…

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  1. i noticed that when i comment on your reblogs it doesn’t show up on your page so copying here: yes, yes, yes!! thank you for sharing the additional comments that bring the conversation full circle. i giggled when you said tar baby dance, as that’s a phrase my brother and i use for something! lol!! and thank you for adding that it’s about how we use money that makes the difference. money isn’t evil. it’s the intentions, like with anything else, that we have that are the root of the judgments people have against it. it CAN be a positive force of energy exchange for life! yay!! again, wonder twin powers in action, as i was going to get into this since it comes up so much in my workshops, somehow knowing it would get through and it did through you! lol! ❤

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  2. Ha! Just replied to you on yours. I’ll copy it in here, though, too, since it’s relevant:

    Yes, this literally came up in a direct way just yesterday afternoon, when someone tried to leave this comment on my Tarot Readings page:

    “Laura, I am asking this in all earnestness and not for any other reason, why do you charge such exorbinant prices for your services/gifts? Seriously, the average person cannot possibly afford your help, only the wealthy. It truly causes me to question your intentions…”
    To which I replied by private email:

    I’m sorry to hear you find my prices “exorbitant.” I have not raised my rates since 2006 and offer monthly specials each month in order to make things more affordable. In special circumstances and at my discretion, I also offer sliding scale. I know other intuitives who charge 3-4 times what I charge and still end up referring their difficult cases to me. I offer hundreds of free articles on my blog for no charge, have written three books — two of them directly on healing and at under $20. Not that it’s any of your concern, but I do a lot of volunteer work in my community and have been funneling any and all extra funds into rehabilitating the land in this broken part of the country. You might want to look at your own issues with money, abundance and judgment before questioning someone else’s intentions. If you had wanted a reading and couldn’t afford it, you could have explained your circumstances, asked for a sliding scale option or found a special to meet your needs.
    All the best to you,
    Laura Bruno

    The whole experience yesterday just exemplified so much of what you expressed today. It was really a gift in that I realized in a fully conscious way just how good I do feel about how I earn my money and what kind of flow i embrace through me in work, play and gifting.

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  3. thank you again for sharing this!! this is important stuff and i can’t tell you how many people have this same challenge or similar. i hear it and see it all around and which is why i dedicate a small portion of workshops to discussing money and will likely need to create a separate whole day for it 🙂 actually am doing a manifestation workshop in june because of this. i just saw on facebook a couple of days ago too, someone posted and asked why can’t people who offer healing services do so for free? i didn’t even bother commenting, as it would end up that i have to pour out a ton of time for free that would have been a huge discussion, when i already, like you am gifting out so much free stuff. there’s simply personal stuff we each have to work through with this and as you said, if we can continue just being in that embracive beautiful flow within ourselves, this is the way it will be of most benefit to others. love that you shared this. thank you!

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  4. to add, when i said it would be a huge discussion….it would have gone no where and so i feel we have to choose the way our time and energy will be of greatest good. and i chose not to engage in an endless conversation i intuitively knew was not going to be supportive based on the examples and explanation the person shared in why they felt it should be the way they thought. i instead fuel my energy in ways i know it is working for the highest and greater good.

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  5. I agree with you. I often get requests for free services from “healers” who simultaneously attack me for charging for my services, tell me they can do exactly what I do but offer it “for free,” and then demand that I help them. Now. For free, with much ingratitude and judgment cast towards me. “Healer, help thyself,” I say to them … usually in different words, but short. When people don’t value health or spirituality and feel the need to attack people who offer services within integrity, then I find that their own health and life path issues usually stem directly from the very same judgments they’re projecting onto me. Not worth much time investment … I just pray they “get” it somehow and direct them to free articles, cheap books or suggest they look at their own inflow and outflow of money/energy. Then, move on! xo

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  6. yes, yes, YES! it’s an interesting irony when people complain about not being able to create abundance for the very services they provide in the same fields, but then desire something free to help them. definitely just a personal honest conversation within themselves will reveal the root of the beliefs creating such an undesirable spiral. it’s hard to see the self-sabotage when there is a sespool of desperation and anger one is stuck in and misdirecting

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  7. Yep! Speaking of volunteering and community involvement … gotta run. It’s food co-op members meeting day, and we are facing big decisions on the direction of the co-op, as they consider expanding into a new space. Time to walk there! xoxo

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  8. here’s to the circle of abundance in natural flow! xoox love you!

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  9. Posted by Barbara on April 18, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    Great article and super discussion, thank you! My take: “If you think you have enough money, you do. If you think you don’t have enough money, you don’t!” It’s all Now stuff. Love, B.

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  10. Posted by Kieron on April 18, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    Fun read, on both sites. 🙂 My attitude toward money has shifted in recent years… not sure when, but I began to just try to circulate my money in my community whenever possible, which meant changing how my household shops for food. But this had the effect of creating fewer doctor visits because we were avoiding pre-fab crap. So yes, we spent more out of pocket but the intangibles and the long-range effects soon became apparent. Like with your gardening post a day or so back, it requires a dimensional shift, to take a long-range view of things.

    And in time I began to donate to blogs from which I have gained much insight (such as astrology) to try to avoid being a moocher of any sort. Or if not asked, then try to contribute relevant and meaningful responses. 😉 Also it’s interesting that even though I spend a significant amount of money on supplies for orgonite, I always have enough money to pay the bills. Like Tania, I have to face down old fears and the mentality of want or lack, but they just highlight my attitude change, because I *know better*. 🙂

    Going back out into the yard! 😀

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  11. Thanks, Barbara! Yes, as the Tao Te Ching says, “Enough is Enough.” That works on all levels, but I do feel that we have a responsibility to keep the energy flowing.

    I always remember the explanation of how we got the term “Indian Giver.” It’s because the Native Americans believed that all things, even “inanimate objects,” have energy that stagnates if not periodically recycled back into the community. When they offered gifts to the European settlers, the settlers just continued to hoard things. They refused to recirculate the energy, and so eventually, in order to honor the cycle of life, the natives requested their items back — not as an ungenerous act, but as a means of returning the balance that hoarding destroys. Somewhere in there is a complementary message to the typical prosperity consciousness. I feel both are important. “Enough is enough!” What a different world we’d live in if those with too much, began recirculating the energy of money and things … and if those who cry poor or cry due to very real poverty were encouraged and supported in recognizing the vast wealth of spirit from which to create and participate in the naturally flowing abundance energy. And yes, “it’s all Now stuff.” 🙂 Love, Laura


  12. Thanks, Kieron! Yes, it’s all part of the flow, and I appreciate your comments, shares, gardening, social work and orgonite gifting. Cycle of life …. when we value Life and flow, these allow for all sorts of surprises and expansions, and they also remind us the ebbs eventually flow. 🙂


  13. Love you, too, T! Thanks for starting the official discussion. 🙂

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  14. ❤ you're welcome… just chiming in with the wonder twin telepathy 😉

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  15. The synchronicity train whistle says, “Weeeeeeeee!” as it zips across the multiverse.

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  16. LOL!! oh yeah! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  17. Wow, you two goddesses (Tania and Laura) are really doing some Great Work!! I myself have simultaneously lived a Dream Life that I manifested here in the tropics — consciously — for close to 10 years. Well, in regards to everything except full-time flow of financial abundance (lots of ‘that’, Yes — but not quite 100% consistent over linear time in 3D/Old Earth terms 😉 ).
    You might like one of my own posts about ‘The Shift Hitting The Fan’, which I created last year as one of my last blog posts (https://waverider1.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/dont-look-back/). At the end of that post, I write a ‘P.S.’ in which I mention this ‘entitlement attitude’ on the part of many so-called lightworkers, who want us to simply GIVE them EVERYTHING at no charge whatsoever. You see, Energetically, it simply does NOT work like that. If one is to SELF-Realize, achieve enLIGHTenment for themSELVES, reach Nirvana Bliss (see my post entitled ‘Afterglow’ about that 😉 ), then they MUST INVEST THEIR OWN ENERGIES in the Process! Period. Instead of, say, buying Starbucks cappuccinos, or tickets for the family to see Kill Bill 10, or just having to have the latest electronic gadget to play with. Priorities, people. THAT is what this Global Transformation is all about, isn’t it? The complete RE-arrangement of the Collective’s PRIORITIES in life on the surface of Terra. And time is UP for those who don’t ‘want’ to change….
    Both Tania and Laura are correct: Via our blogging and Facebook posting and comments, we (and the other serious mission specialists) HAVE given away ALL the information necessary for ANYONE to Self-Realize! Unfortunately, many people want not only the information for free, but ALSO the one-on-one PERSONAL assistance! It’s crazy. They want ‘someone else’ to do all the Inner WORK for them, you see…. Regardless, how many of those SAME people would take their broken car to the mechanic shop and expect THEM to fix it for free? Or go to a ‘professional’ M.D. or psychotherapist or attorney and expect THEM to just ‘gift’ THOSE services to them?? Right. OUR services — which provide not just short-term ‘fixes’, but PERMANENT LIFE ENHANCEMENT — are simply not ‘judged’ the same way, given the same value, as even the CHEAPEST corner pop psychologist fresh out of graduate school! It’s quite . . . incredible, to put it diplomatically.
    Fundamentally speaking, it’s all about how people VALUE these services we provide. Their personal spiritual growth/expansion/joy/ascension processes (and therefore our services) are apparently of much LESSER VALUE to them than an M.D.’s prescription for insomnia, or even than ANY service provided by someone with a few letters after their name (and that’s no reflection on those wonderful spiritual coaches and ascension guides that DO have PhD’s in psychology and such btw). And since most of them have never INVESTED MONEY in themselves, let alone a business — and let alone done any deep Inner Work on their own, pushed through a dark night of the soul or three yets — they really have trouble comprehending the concept of ‘investing’ in ones Self, especially since it is not taught as part of the consumerist/materialist culture they grew up in, where what is ‘intangible’ is generally viewed as ‘worthless’ 😉

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  18. Thanks, waverider1! Yep, clearly, you get the dynamic. Thanks for the additional illustrations and inconsistencies to help illustrate more what we’re all talking about, and thanks for the link to your blog. I’ll check it out when I get a chance. Many blessings of the tangible and intangible kind! 🙂

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