This post from Bradley Loves goes along with a much longer piece I’m working on regarding CERN, the “Sophianic Correction,” and a topic I often reference — our responsibility to reclaim the magic, the alchemy and the power we’ve allowed to slip away into the Shadows, manipulated and primarily used by psychopaths instead of pure hearted adepts. People often say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” without realizing the learning, courage and skill required to step into ourselves. This post gives some simple analogies to help people better embrace these ideas.

Consider … and I’ve not seen this written anywhere else, but it’s so obvious to me: “Luciferian” is a patriarchal bastardization of the original term “Luce Sophia,” the Light of Wisdom from the Ancient Mystery Schools. They were meant to protect this knowledge and instead, it has been co-opted by a perverted Luciferian agenda for personal gain and supreme control. This is the opposite of what the Ancient Mysteries taught, but the association of “Mysteries” with “Secret Societies” ensures that most good hearted people run the other direction and abdicate their own power to change the world, to create preferred realities. More to come on this topic, but I appreciate stumbling upon this post from Bradley, as it explains the complexities in simple terms.

Also a disclaimer: I do not always agree with everything that Bradley posts, but I do find this piece particularly useful and on target. In general, when I reblog or reference a post, it means I am discussing and referencing that particular post or quote, not making a blanket statement of endorsement or rejection either way regarding the author’s general work.

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  1. Perfect reminder. You wrote: “a topic I often reference — our responsibility to reclaim the magic, the alchemy and the power we’ve allowed to slip away into the Shadows, manipulated and primarily used by psychopaths instead of pure hearted adepts.” We are definitely sympatico, sister. xoxo Love, J

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  2. Posted by James G on April 15, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Yes and no. Yes sound is a wave but everything is not a sound wave. Using sound waves (like the garbage they call music) may get faster results. Everything is a wave and everything is matter. Check out quantum physics. Mystery schools are not evil. It’s how the person uses the information. Most of what is taught is one sacred measurements that can be used to make beautiful architecture. Two Alchemy, which is not making gold. It’s the fusion of the sacred femine and masculine in the mind. And understanding those properties. When you think about doing something your using the feminine, when you actually do it your using the masculine. That is why you can’t just think things into existence. Three, nature and understanding her. Just to name a few. The secret societies and the so called elite of today know nothing of the true meaning of anything ancient. I will not even call them illuminati, because it means one who is illuminated. They are just part of the bloodline. That’s it. True wisdom was lost long ago and that is why it’s so hard to dig it out of the sands of time.

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    • Thanks for the further elucidation, James. Yes … the disadvantage of simplifying things is that sometimes they become a bit too simple, but this piece is a good introduction for people who’ve not studied anywhere near to the degree you have. I’ve been studying alchemy since I was 17, so to try to summarize that as a little part of a larger article … well, some things don’t get in there! I did find a good talk I’ll link to once I get the larger post finished. I had just written to a friend that there was nothing wrong with Ancient Wisdom — it’s who’s using it and how. If the self appointed elite had any connection to our planet or to humanity, they would not be doing what they’re doing, nor have done what they have done! 🙂



  3. Posted by James G on April 15, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks Laura. Your right they don’t care about humanity or the Earth. I agree with Michael Tsarion that the so called Elites are descendants of the alien race that messed with are DNA. That is why bloodlines are so important to them. They could careless about this place. There is no good reason that any imagination can come up with as to why the radiation is still spewing in the ocean at Fukushima. Why heat, food and shelter is not a basic human right. No true god would have people build a flippin 3 million dollar building to worship in when people are starving and homeless. Everything is done on purpose here because they can’t get out. People have to ask themselves why we as a human race have not gone past the moon. ( if we ever went?) Only machines have went farther. They will never get out and that is why you, me, all your bloggers and eveyone else that cares about this planet are here. To LOVE.😊



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