Love, Spring, and the Golden Rule

I had to post this for the tree photo as much as the message. Happy Passover or Easter to those who celebrate it! Abundant life, regeneration and healing to us all.

Sophia's Children

Ancient olive tree (photo from Medilico's Olive Facts) Ancient olive tree (photo from Medilico’s Olive Facts)

“A compassionate or loving consciousness has ancient roots, but it is taking on a new importance as our world becomes integrated ecologically, economically, and culturally.”

“Because we now share one another’s fate, it is increasingly clear that promoting the well-being of others directly promotes our own.”

“We have reached the point where the Golden Rule is becoming essential to humanity’s survival. This ancient ethic, which is found in all of the world’s spiritual traditions, advises that the way to know how to treat others is to treat them as you would want to be treated.” ~ Duane Elgin

Many ancient wisdom traditions knew and taught the alchemical power of Love, and the power of the heart-field (where your heart is, there you’ll find your treasure!).

Maybe that’s why so many traditions had versions of the Golden Rule or counseled cultivating…

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