On Letting Go of Your Land and Leaving Your Homestead: Lamentations, Joys, and the Way Forward

This is such a beautiful, tender, multi-layered post, and I so relate to all of it. Wishing Willowcrow the perfect landing spot and sending heartfelt thanks for all you have done to honor your land in Michigan. Having grown up in Penn’s Woods myself, I have also felt the pain of that heavily fracked land. Thank you for following your call to spread your healing touch to the hurting places.

The Druid's Garden

A scene from the land... A scene from the land…

I’m in the midst of a major life transition. After six years of living in South-East Michigan (with five of those here on my homestead), I have made a big life decision to take a new job at a new university and return to my beloved mountains and forests in rural Western Pennsylvania. The pull to return to my homeland, to my family and beloved forests, has been growing stronger each year I’ve been gone, and was part of my decision to return. When I left Western PA at the age of 22 to go to graduate school, I had no idea if I’d ever return.  Now I’m 34, and 12 years have passed. In those 12 years, the landscape of my homeland has been desecrated with extensive amounts of fracking and logging, in addition to the mills and mines which were already so…

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  1. This is such an important link in the article that I want to point to it here, as well, for anyone who feels the call to heal land: https://druidgarden.wordpress.com/about-the-land/

    This post has so much information not just on the physical level, but also the importance of healing the land on the spiritual level, too. In our case in Northern Indiana, the spirits of the land were even more traumatized than the extensively damaged physical land. It takes efforts in both areas, and Willowcrow is right, the spiritual healing can take much longer. People who look at our yard think it’s mostly already healed, but I can tell that on the spiritual level, it will continue to take more time and love.



  2. 🙂 thank you for the reblog, Laura! 🙂



    • My pleasure! As you know, this topic is so up for me right now on so many levels, but also it is a common topic with clients either feeling called to leave their homestead or hoping to slip into one that’s all ready for them. Lots of movement! 🙂

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