The Sacred Feminine: A Teaching by Aleutian Elder Ilarion Merculieff

Great talk on the Sacred Feminine, the Shadow and the deepest, deepest fears, and why we need to face these and reclaim our own power in order to return to balance on this planet. Thanks and love to Jamie!

Sophia's Children

In this short video talk, Aleutian Elder, Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff speaks about the vital re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine, the long-ago prophecies and the ultimate effects of the cycle of “masculine imbalance,” and the roles of women and men in this re-emergence of the Feminine.

Note: the audio on this talk isn’t ideal, particularly at first, so listen closely; it’s an inspiring message, so worthwhile.

You’ll also see another, longer talk from Mr. Merculieff on “Going to the Heart of Sustainability.”

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  1. What a fascinating, powerful man, here’s a great 2011, professional interview with Mr Merculieff describing in great detail his people settling the Aleutian’s, being master’s of working with the sea,

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