Why and How to Empower Safety Vs. Protection

This video offers some excellent tips from Teal, with an emphasis on noticing your feelings as a gauge of your vibration and level of attraction. She also includes the importance of doing Shadow Work as a means of moving beyond the old limitations. I especially appreciate (and frequently share) her information about taking steps towards protection/preparation as a means to release resistance about those concerns so that you can continue moving beyond them through transmutation. Thanks, Doreen!

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By Teal Swan
Protection is not a state of empowerment, it is a state of contained powerlessness. To create and maintain a state of ‘safety’ watch and listen now

Psychic and Energetic Protection with Teal Swan

If you choose, clear your energy field with an audio I recorded in 2009. When I do this clearing I fill each tiny screen opening with the 3 fold violet consuming flame [pink for divine love, blue for divine power, golden yellow for divine wisdom], and intend the flame to transmute low vibratory frequency into it’s next highest expression of light.


TO LISTEN CLICK HEREhttp://freetobewealthy.net/links/ClearEnergyStGermain.mp3

Doreen Agostino
Without Prejudice UCC1-308

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