Stones and Cairns

I’ve had some interesting and gorgeous synchronicities around cairns — stones balanced upon each other and left in Nature. My friend Mitch recently sent these two photos from his new passion of stacking stones:


Mitch's cairns

Mitch’s cairns

Mitch's first tall cairn

Mitch’s first tall cairn

These images have been haunting me, so still, so silent and beautiful. Then yesterday, another friend emailed me the following “out of the blue”:

Thought you would enjoy this site. The artist, Michael Grab, uses gravity as literally the only glue needed to balance rocks on one another, in impossible-seeming ways. Here’s his philosophy:

“Gravity Glue exists to share my experience in the art of stone balance… All Gravity Glue images and videos exhibit real rocks that I’ve balanced and photographed myself… The process boils down to contemplative stone arrangement; involving patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a plethora of other practiced skills…

“I began balancing rocks through somewhat of a whim in the Summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Since then, simple curiosity has evolved into a prolific creative passion, and daily meditative practice. I quickly noticed the unique effect that my creations had on myself and others, often inspiring a sense of magic and peace; a sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

“I am constantly in awe at the stillness, let alone possibility, of such precarious formations, amidst sometimes very turbulent conditions. For me this reflects our own potential to maintain a still-point amidst the variety of challenges we each face throughout our lives. Further, I wish to highlight the idea that WE ARE creators of our own reality, rather than mere recipients. Consciousness affects reality. This practice allows one to freely create, manifesting their own particular vibration into a 3D world.”

When I shared the site with Mitch, he replied:

It is so healing to do, the rocks speak to you to be chosen. I’m sure there’s a huge community here in the Puget Sound. This is rock/river/sound country! Although it’s interesting, I haven’t stumbled on a lot of elaborate cairn’s in my river/Sound hikes so I feel this is a new fast growing movement, with GravityGlue’s Michael Grab being the break out global cairn artist in just the last couple years. There’s also a small, growing movement of people creating ‘found’ art in forests. I feel this is all confirmation, symptoms of humans waking up along with Goddess Gaia. Why else this sudden collective urge to create ‘nature’ based, temporary art? And right on cue, read this last night, [in Sjoo and Mor’s The Great] Cosmic Mother p98:

“Stone, in neolithic times as in Paleolithic, remains the powerful abode of the Great Goddess” and then all of p99 gives the history and use of stones as sacred energy. Fascinating and so comforting! I also find it interesting I moved unto a property with hundreds of tons of giant rocks, artfully placed about by Seattle best rock setter, hmmm, lot’s of synch’s indeed, thank you Goddess!

great video of Michael Grab at ‘work’ notice the absolute focus, this would be such a great tool for your clients having problems ‘finding’ their focus or frequently sabotaged by powerful mind, anxiety.

🙂 M

Thank you, Mitch and Joe! I’ve long had a fascination with stones — from ancient monoliths to the carefully balanced “found” stones that bring the extra sense of magic and connection to our experience of Nature. These photos, video and website do remind me of Tania Marie’s earlier post “A Mysterious & Enchanted Wonderland of Organic Sculptures in the Deep Woods.” So often we think of this kind of deep connection as somewhere in the distant past, but we, too, can live, move and create with Nature. Many thanks to all of you, known and unknown!

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  1. Posted by Sherry on February 17, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    I use to do this with ocean rocks I found on vacations…rocks are magnetic in nature and lean into each other when balancing …it is so interesting and relaxing to do

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  2. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on February 17, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    thank you Laura! a great place to see daily global cairn art is on instagram #cairn_collection

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  3. Sherry, thanks for sharing. That’s so cool! And now I’m thinking of putting on an N95 mask to go walk outside in the woods here in polluted Goshen to see if I can find any rocks … or perhaps I will just imagine myself back in Puget Sound. 🙂


  4. Thanks, Mitch!


  5. Beautiful, Laura. The photos are really evocative. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely bits from Mitch, Michael, and Monica (a trinity of M’s!). Love, Jamie


  6. Posted by Kieron on February 17, 2015 at 11:41 pm

    It’s interesting you picked today to post this. 🙂 I had a major breakthrough today and it does involve… *drum roll* stones, crystals and rocks. I’ll tell you more soon.


  7. You’re welcome, Jamie. Oops, I almost called you Sophia. These must have awakened the Goddess energy even more! Love, Laura


  8. Ha! Very cool, and speaking of drum rolls, it was quite synchronous you happened to use that expression, as this afternoon I listened to an amazing and transformative drum solo. 🙂


  9. Posted by Kieron on February 18, 2015 at 1:02 am

    I wonder if all these synchronicities and seemingly random happenstances are going to keep tumbling forth as time goes on. 🙂


  10. Posted by Nikkoale on February 18, 2015 at 2:48 am

    Love to balance rocks! I can feel the balance point before it happens with the rocks, and I also feel more balanced and centered afterward. And if I’m not feeling that way beforehand and don’t work on that balancing within, no way will the rocks stay up.


  11. Posted by Nikkoale on February 18, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    Assuredly! 🙂


  12. Thanks for sharing your own experiences, Nikkoale. I did walk in the woods yesterday, but no rocks in sight due to three foot snow drifts. At least the air was clear, though. 🙂


  13. Posted by Kieron on February 19, 2015 at 1:47 am

    BTW I forgot to mention, it was (and still is, I’m sure) a custom or tradition to pile field stones at crossroads as a way to honor Hekate, the ancient Goddess of crossroads, social outcasts, and witchcraft. 🙂 I’ve seen several in Iowa along a certain highway… just a few largish stones, piled one by one. Someone knows something about Hekate, even in Middle America. 🙂


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