Which shall it be? The Mind/Body/Earth/Goddess/Universe Communion? Or the Mind’s Masculist Mechanical Mimic.

Yes! What Ann shares is very much in alignment with my own thoughts and feelings. Although I have not myself been pregnant, I have acted many a time as spiritual midwife for mothers-to-be or for those with fertility challenges — helping to strengthen the bridge from one world to the next. A (male) friend and I have recently delved deeply into the writings and artwork of Monica Sjoo, who offers quite the antidotal vision and herstory compared to Monsanto, A’con’s and their transhumanist agenda.

I keep posting on the Goddess, herstory, the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Feminine, not as an alienation towards male readers, but as an invitation. Everyone benefits from more natural, equal, honest flow and scholarship about and between genders — especially those who struggle with current societal restrictions and expectations. The men I know who have delved into Goddess awareness have felt it as a coming home, a reclamation of their own masculinity rather than being unknowing slaves to a parasitic and patriarchal system. May we each find our way, and may we all learn to commune with each other, with Nature and with ourselves. Blessed Be.

(And for those who take issue with the word “blessed” and its association with blood, please consider that the original blood offering was menstrual blood. The female can make a blood offering without destroying or harming anything. Originally to bless meant to make sacred with this creative, fertile, nutritive feminine force connecting women, Earth and the Goddess within and through them. )

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  1. You were most definitely a spiritual midwife to me! Hugs!!! ❤

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  2. Laura, I relate so much to Ann’s article, too. I do have 2 kids and also found that I felt the most One with my body when I was carrying them. It was because I was grounded, beyond mind, instinctual, connected to animal self. My appetite was regulated, digestion actually worked. Body took over for creation.

    I also clicked the links she posted and want to add that I’ve read and studied Gnostic writings for many years, and I have no idea what texts are being referred to in the link. I sense a bizarre misinterpreting of actual Gnostic writings (not talking about Szekely here, who invented his own lovely books) and this bothers me!

    The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Bible contain wise and beautiful teachings about Union with God, alternate tellings of Christ stories and mystical poems. The Thunder Perfect Mind (which is pretty trippy, true!) I recite often and deeply cherish. Do you know it? “For I am the first and the last…”

    Anyway, unlike the Old Testament, the few Gnostic texts we have are nothing to do with Archonick histories, etc. (at least not that I am aware or can take seriously without a reference). I don’t want to see Gnosticism coopted for anyone’s agenda, even my own. It’s its own pure true thing.

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  3. Posted by Kieron on February 5, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Y’know, in seeking out info on that ritual that took place last Sunday (and I forbade anyone in my house to watch it, BTW), I’ve found several references to the “sacrificial” or “blood sacrifice” date of “Imbolg,” with references to ritual killings to honor Brigid, Bride or any other spelling of Her name. Or “connections” to “Imbolg” (which is how it’s being spelled in these sites) as a Satanic holiday. Obviously there’s a lot of disinfo, not to mention idle speculation by people who have no idea what Imbolc is about. But it sorta fits with Ann’s remark about the increase in demonization of the awakening Divine Feminine. The disinfo controllers know their days are numbered so they’re opening the sewers to create a stink and keep people from finding the bits of truth in the mess.

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  4. I am, as ever, confused by the concepts that we need to integrate our left and right brains, and that we need to connect them to the body when the Truth is that it is the Heart that is the ‘real’ brain. Literally. As in, it is a concept of the matrix to ensnare the mind and create a battle with the ego while trying to mange the body. If we are in our hearts, then all of those systems fall in line. That is probably why pregnancy brings everything into balance…because creating life is definitely a heart event. There is so much conditioned teachings in all areas of life that want us to believe, as in Hold the BELIEF that we need to be at war with our body and mind, that if we can just reign in that ego and find physical balance that we will find the answer to our longing to belong. It is ALL an illusion, it is all false and it is all meant to create the separation of the mind and body. And I agree with the first comment that these ‘gnostic’ references are ill-used or terribly misinterpreted. Confuse the mind with trickery in language, confuse the body with chemicals and drugs and what is Truth is hard to hear from the Heart. For those who are looking for all the answers from someone else, and I’m not against reading blogs or internet, but when you find yourself overly confused, my advice is to ignore the ‘show’ of the matrix and listen to your own heart. It will never lie to you.

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  5. […] « Which shall it be? The Mind/Body/Earth/Goddess/Universe Communion? Or the Mind’s Masculist Mec… […]


  6. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for sharing your additional insights. I believe the articles are referring to some of the less well publicized Gnostic texts, which were explored by John Lamb Lash in his book, “Not in His Image.” I have chosen not to post directly on Lash on my site, because imho, he’s a very mixed bag. On the one hand, that book gives a very in depth history and herstory of Gnostic seers and their warnings about today’s world. It also details the extreme persecution of the Gnostic sects, both Christian and the much more prevalent, but less preserved pagan Gnostics.

    Unfortunately, Gnosticism was long, long ago co-opted. There is even a “Gnostic Illuminati” faction. This article by Lash addresses some of the ways in which the pure intentions of the Gnostics were co-opted into today’s mind control, sexual abuse to awaken psychic gifts, etc.: http://www.metahistory.org/gnostique/telestics/IlluminatiNIHI.php

    Again, I am NOT endorsing everything Lash says or stands for. Some of his material is excellent, imo … but it requires extremely close reading, as his conclusions often require enormous leaps from the material he presents as proof. For that reason, I find his contributions both helpful and potentially very harmful. This could be about nine blog posts in itself, but I’ll leave it at that. 🙂


  7. Love you, Nalla! ❤


  8. Agreed, Kieron! So much so that I wrote a lengthy post in response to your comment. Thank you!


  9. Yes, Ella, if there’s one thing I learned from having a brain injury, it’s that there is a LOT more to life than the brain — whether left or right. The heart is where it’s at. Please see my response to eat2evolve (Diana), as I address the whole John Lamb Lash interpretations of the Gnostic texts. He looks at some of the obscure ones that warn people of the “Archons” but a major critique I have of his work is that it’s sooooo mental, often to the point of gibberish and obfuscation. Ultimately, people need to turn inside and feel with the Heart — or hridaya — the highest center of Reality.. 🙂 xoxo


  10. 🙂 …right….and back to building pyramids here! lol

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