Fabulous Interview with Laura Daligan

I found this video yesterday, and it’s both delightful and informative! Crystal, Laura and other guests and write-in questioners discuss the Faery Realm, Glastonbury’s energies, Faery Queens and Faery Kings, etiquette when dealing with the Fae and what happens when you offend them, as well as many tips for rekindling your own connection with these heartfelt friends from the Otherworld. Regular blog readers will notice major similarities in things I’ve shared and the things shared by Laura Daligan and the other speakers. To me, that striking similarity underscores the validity of our individual experiences. If you’ve got 40 minutes and have any interest at all in faeries, imagination, or deepening your connection to nature, I hope you love this talk as much as I did. 🙂

Coffee & Inspiration with Crystal Starshine ~ Special Guest Laura Daligan

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    Faery fun and magick! Some of my favorite things. If they’re yours too, you may enjoy this stroll into the Faery Realm as Laura Daligan, Crystal Starshine, and others joyously chat about their experiences and offer tips on deepening your own connection with the Fae. Thanks for sharing Laura ❤



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    Sharing. All about the FAE



  3. Just started watching this video. I feel drawn to comment about my experience with Fae. When I was a kid, I never gave them a second thought. I was more interested in animals that I could see (I’ve never visibly seen a Fae). I’d obsess about Wolves, imagine running with a pack of wolves in my head, and feel the freedom of elegantly running through the woods. Later I loved Cheetahs, but I’d say my first animal spirit was the wolf.

    The culture of Native American’s seemed like magic to the lower middle class white girl I was. Only it was real magic, and not the imaginary fairy tale magic of Disney. I didn’t have much knowledge of Native American culture, but I saw the artwork. Northern Exposure was popular on television, too.

    I’d had a friend who had lived in England, she would put out a basket of food for the Fae. I figured that the animals in the yard must appreciate it, but Fae were little cartoons to me.

    So I went through life, with little interest in fairy tales, or the inhabitants described therein. My elder brothers had fantasy books throughout the house, that in boredom, I’d pick up and read. I’d dream of writing my fantasy book one day.

    In my head, I could contact Angels or Spirits at night, when all was quiet. I didn’t try this in public, or places like a field. So naturally I didn’t attempt to talk to Fae. As I got older, my connection with animals had decreased. I was no longer interested in running with the Wolves, and the magic of Northern Exposure was canceled.

    Things like my belief in God, where challenged by Scientific thought. Then I became mentally ill. In my illness, I saw how limited my view had been. I saw the limitations of the mind, wherein a chemical change my entire ability to see the world.

    If my perception was so dependent on the chemical state of my brain, how limited human perception really was. Because, I swear, I could see colors more vividly, the sound more clearly, and even food tasted better. In this case, there had to be a higher state of being then humanhood. There had to be something more then what Science told me.

    I was slowly drawn back into a Magical state of mind. Yet, it was not until recently, I had interest in Fae.

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    • I experienced similar with my 1998 brain injury — if a bump to the head could change my entire reality and perception, then how solid were those things? If “normal” just means you see what everyone else sees (and don’t see anything they don’t see), then why do we assume “normal” means “real”? “There had to be something more than what Science told me.” Yep!



      • This is where Teal’s Scott’s video about Disability being beneficial to the soul made perfect sense to me. Its not Disability, but Different Ability. This is no-where easier to see then when this ‘disability’ is in the mind. Because it can effect the way a person acts so clearly.

        It is harder to see the Different Ability my Mom has from being Paraplegic, I’d have to ask her to understand what it is. I doubt it is one single thing. Yet, she always says that my Disability is worse then not walking, and that she wouldn’t trade Paraplegic for Schizoaffective.

        It is true I was really knocked out by my illness a long time, but it was a learning time. The person I was becoming before my illness was not a good path. My Disability knocked me off the wrong path.



        • Yes, me, too. I’m not disabled anymore, and I do find that often when people commit to their differently able’d path, they no longer have symptoms. It depends on the path, though! 🙂


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