Letting Go of Toxic People in Your Life

This issue has been such a theme the past couple years, but it seems to have increased in 2014. TPNTY speaks specifically of toxic family members, but her observations and advice can really apply to any toxic relationship — from frenemy to corporate “person.” Don’t be afraid to trust yourself.

The Person Next to You

In my 2014 Year in Review post, I mentioned that I had finally let go of a relationship with a family member that was not working.  Here is the part of the post I am referring to:

Something I didn’t write about was a relationship with some extended family that I was able to let go of.  I am a firm believer that just because you are related by blood to someone, doesn’t mean that you have to put up with bad behavior or sub-standard treatment by that person.  For the last few years, I had a relative that I had been trying to repair a broken relationship with.  This relationship stemmed from my childhood, as did some of the bad feelings.  We had periods where we would talk, but lose each other again.

After this person walked away from me with no explanation about a year ago, but kept…

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