Comment Bump Up and Response

This came in via email but deserves an anonymous bump up. It always interests me how Ken’s posts throw people. It’s really OK to think outside the East/West, good/bad, victim/savior paradigm. πŸ™‚

Dear Laura–

I often see your posts on blogs I visit such as Lucas’s blog. I note you are posting articles by “Ken” of Ken’s blog. My disinfo alarms start clanging every time I start to read one of his posts. I find it impossible to finish reading through them. His gambit seems to be to muddy the waters around groups working hard to make the world a better place such as Gordon Duff’s VT team and the BRICS alliance. Does Ken even have a last name? Here are a few points about Gordon Duff and BRICS to consider…
β€’ We know Gordon Duff’s name; we know where he lives (How about Ken?)
β€’ Gordon is a Vietnam vet who has seen war close up. If he looks “off” in a photo as one of your posters suggests, it may be that he is a disabled veteran, most likely from exposure to agent orange or other toxins encountered in his service in Vietnam.
β€’ Gordon’s website VT has been spot-on calling the Sandy Hook “shooting” and Boston Marathon “bombing” staged events. I’ve been reading everything a I can on Sandy Hook for two years and can tell you the official story is total BS. Read any of Jim Fetzer’s articles on the subject at Veterans Today.
β€’ BRICS was organized as a counter to the western/NATO military and financial hegemony in the world. They are creating a fairer financial system and are cooperating with many countries rather than going around assassinating leaders that don’t bow down to the US and it’s organized crime syndicate and invading other countries based on lies.


My response:

Thanks for your feedback. I happen to know someone who does personally know Ken. He is a stay at home/work at home dad who cares for a disabled son. I was previously married to a Vietnam Vet and have known many veterans. I am well aware of the effects of Agent Orange and that Gordon claims to be a 100% disabled Vet. I know from veterans that one can be 100% disabled and look fine, per, say a colostomy bag, or something not visible in a suit.

That said, if you HAD read (m)any of Ken’s posts through, you would have seen some of the ongoing morphing of Gordon’s bio, which has radically shifted over the years. I do not post all of Ken’s posts, as I do not agree with all of them. Do I believe BRICS is just another version of the same old, same old? Yes. It will likely be better for awhile, but … again, if you had read through the posts … you would find ample evidence of the Usual Suspects’ involvement. Gordon Duff himself admits that 40% of what he writes is complete BS. Yes, he busted Sandy Hook and Boston, which were obvious to most people as false flags. In order for any disinfo to work, it needs to contain a fair amount of truth.

If you don’t want to read Ken’s posts, then don’t. I am sure there are good people working even within the UN, let alone BRICS and other places … but the actual overriding plans are being run by the Usual (Rothschild and Rockefeller) Suspects. By contrast, there are dozens and dozens of individuals and groups working to make global top-down solutions unnecessary. It’s difficult to argue with you if you haven’t even looked at the evidence except as presented by someone who admits to being a disinfo agent. πŸ™‚

I wish you all the best, and also recognize that not everyone is working towards the same “ideal.” Some people’s idea of heaven would be a lot of people’s idea of hell and vice versa. If you prefer a BRICS and VT solution, you will likely be in the majority.

and as a follow-up email:

I also just realized that the comment on my site was out of context if you had not visited Ken’s site. My comment was in disagreement to Ken saying that Gordon looked “spry” for a 100% disabled vet. I did not think he looked spry; however, I wondered if that was my own filter of his energy or an actual physical condition as claimed by Gordon. I will note after the comment what it was in reference to.
All the best to you,

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  1. Posted by Demitra M. N. on January 5, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    Very well said, Laura, thank you for sharing this bit in this manner.

    Indeed, we are conditioned by our society to respond to our internal alarms only when the parameters of our comfort zones are being threatened. Thus, a common reaction is to staunchly defend our pre-scribed comfort limits by “course-correcting” those others who’ve inadvertently pressed our buttons. But we can only consider what is truth, and to then validate or invalidate correctly, when we have clarity, otherwise our reactions issue from our personal bag of conditioned responses, which aren’t always to be trusted.

    However, when we know that our comfort zones are meant to be pushed against and expanded upon regularly, we tend to anticipate the very real possibility that our feeling of disturbance, sometimes, has to do with the parameters of our present comfort-zone being challenged. And so, the uneasiness that grips us at those times may have less to do with the other person, and more to do with our own need to widen our perspective. Hence, sometimes when our inner alarms are set to clanging.. πŸ˜‰ could very well be that our self-imposed limitations are up for expansion, and that the bells are tolling for us.




  2. Posted by manyhahama1955 on January 6, 2015 at 12:43 am

    I so agree with you, Laura! May our BS meters continue to work and help us see through the illusions/delusions of what continues to come down the pike.
    I don’t know why but this Donovan song just came flowing through….”Happiness runs in a circular motion…thought is like a little boat upon the see…everybody is a part of everything anyway… can everything if you let yourself be..” Blessings of love and peace! Sophia



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