The individual vs. the goo

This is an important article by Jon Rappoport, as it explores the difference between “the Collective” and “every individual,” which, in my opinion, is one of the pivotal challenges facing humanity right now. The temptation to look at everything in black/white, good/bad, positive/negative terms fails to account for successes like Maui’s GMO battle — in which a group of individuals fought for their local health, well being and freedom. That’s quite different from the Collective in which everyone’s the same and equal, with equal “rights” to be completely owned, monitored and controlled by the corporate surveillance State and a One World Everything. The subtleties warrant exploration.

I will continue to press this issue, as I recognize the value of working together as individuals in order to create new options for ourselves and strengthen the power behind those options, in order to reject and escape the New Age Borg and the Corporate State. We cannot afford to fall for the smoke and mirrors pseudo choices imposed by a self-appointed elite who claims to want only the best for humanity. Really?! Because Google, mind control, transhumanism, mega-cities and spiritual enslavement are the best we can do? The best we deserve? According to whom?

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