Reskilling for Sustainable Living: Ways to Learn New Skills

As we approach that time of New Year’s Resolutions, you might want to consider reskilling — moving forward by looking backwards, acquiring old fashioned skills that are “new” to you. David and I and many of our local friends have been consciously reskilling for years. We find the process both fun and empowering. This post tells you how to get started if you feel led this way.

The Druid's Garden

Everyone, to some extent, is a product of their culture. Our culture’s formal education system teaches a set of skills that are claimed to be beneficial and practical for functioning in present society. Certain sets of skills are privileged, and others are simply not taught, and in some cases, skill sets that are deemed no longer relevant are lost from the collective knowledge of many communities and families. Unfortunately, many of the skills of the past that are needed to help us transition to a lower-carbon and lower-fossil fuel society have been lost as newer generations weren’t interested in learning them or because these skills are no longer part of any community or family educational system.  This is where the concept of reskilling can come in.

What is reskilling?

“Reskilling” is one of the terms that often comes up in the sustainability and permaculture communities. The concept of reskilling is…

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  1. I have perfectly resigned myself to the fact that if disaster happens, I will be useless. The withdrawal from the medication I am on will be enough to kill me. Only if I have enough left over to taper off, will I live. How I will function without medication, if I manage to taper off, I am not sure. I’d be more of a burden then help.

    If we manage to transition to a New World without disaster, then re-skilling will be helpful. I do not see this happening. However, if it does, I think there will be plenty of chance to re-skill… as vast amounts of people will have to learn.

    “If you were going to be dragged to Heaven, Who would you take with you?” My answer upon reading (or hearing?) this question was, “Everyone.” The sad thing is that you cannot drag a person to Heaven, you can only influence them.

    So I resign to face karma, not as punishment, but as a fact that Everyone needs Everyone. Karma is something that a Soul chooses to take on, for the same reason we like to pay for help from others. After all, how does it feel to take help, and not help back?

    I do not know how long my Soul will be able to stay reincarnating on Earth, but it will for as long as it is allowed. I am hardly a awaken human as it is, but whenever I do awaken I don’t plan on taking the first bus out of town. I plan on figuring out how I can talk to the average person, and tell them about the bus without them seeing me as crazy.

    Sounds impossible. Yet, this dream is why I am taking so long to awaken. I need to experience all those doubts that science and mainstream religion put in people heads. Or I will never know how to explain. Otherwise, I will be written off as crazy before I begin.

    That was me once, I’d visit a site like this, and think, “This was written by a crazy person (no offence).” With that thought I’d write off the entire site as insanity, and stop reading. So I am wondering, “How do you write the words which society has programmed people to think crazy, and be heard?” Not everyone has the draw to the metaphysical world that kept me returning to these crazy sites/books/shows and asking, “Is it really crazy?”



    • You know, that is one of the more thoughtful, kind and generous (on a soul level) comments ever left on this blog, so thank you for being you! I suspect your caring heart and sincere seeking will be rewarded more than you anticipate. The fact you don’t demand a free ride is very refreshing, and I think, in your own way, you are already on your way. Much love and healing on the journey!



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