Cracks in the Wall

Chip, chip, chippin’ away at the old, official walls of 3D-ality:

Major update: apparently, the first article I linked to was satire. Bummer and tough to tell these days. Sorry about that! I have, in fact, heard of many discoveries of giant skeletons in the US, particularly as I used to live in Wisconsin. The Smithsonian did not, however, admit to destroying the evidence that is mysteriously missing from the Smithsonian. Here’s a different post regarding the giant skeletons from Wisconsin.

Thanks to Mia for this one:

Medical Marijuana – Growing a new economy in America – “It was not long ago that both mainstream celebrity physicians Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Sanja Gupta denounced the use of medical marijuana.

“The cannabis plant was demonized and reefer madness reigned in the minds of middle class America. Both have since done their research and publicly stated they were mistaken. In fact, the use of marijuana for medical purposes was endorsed 100% by each of them. Sanja Gupta produced a television special showcasing his investigation and the miraculous cures he has witnessed with people suffering from a variety of illnesses.”

Please see more here. On a cynical note, I will note the recent push for GMO hemp and/or marijuana, so please do keep an eye on the potential Trojan Horse with this one. Until now, the outlawed hemp and marijuana have remained natural, growing like literal “weeds.” Inviting GMO’s into this field seems unnecessary and potentially sinister, so if you’re a marijuana or hemp fan, please proceed with awareness and intention.

It’s still interesting to see this former wall continue to crack, as both could radically transform our economy and accepted “realities” in food, fuel, medicine, building materials, and consciousness. Just this weekend, David’s dad relayed a story of a family friend who has suffered from Alzheimer’s for decades making a suddenly lucid transformation due to an experimental marijuana treatment. No one could believe this woman’s dramatic ability to remember names, remain in a consistent version of reality, and operate independently after needing full time care for decades.

Again, here’s the link for the full article.

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    Here is an interesting little about by some researchers whom I would consider unbiased, and who came to some realistic conclusions:
    “The second issue concerns the Smithsonian and the alleged conspiracy. As detailed in the book, I don’t see the Smithsonian as being in a conspiracy in the true definition of the word. I see it as a sort of stupidity in the sense that they have ignored an aspect of their own findings that the public sees as intriguing. Instead of engaging the public, they alienate it. I also see that American archaeology resents all outsiders, resists all beliefs that go against their beliefs, and they utilize skeptics as a sort of police force to silence critics and others. From a psychological standpoint, they are doing battle with their own shadow. It is a battle that can’t be won.”

    A coverup could, however, be more egregious than that. Someone should be able to explore the Supreme Court records to see if such a legal mandate served on the Smithsonian actually exists.

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  3. Thanks, Bo. Yes, that would be interesting to investigate Supreme Court records to see if they are available, require a FOIA or are redacted, etc. One would think that if there is no conspiracy at all that the Smithsonian would trot out their skeletons or gather others for a show, just to up the number of visitors.


  4. From the link above:

    “We then decided to do a careful review of the Smithsonian’s two major reports that detailed their mound investigations (the 1887 and 1894 Bureau of Ethnology Annual Reports). We used original publications for our search and went through them page-by-page. The 1894 report contained 742-pages detailing the mound investigations and the 1887 report had 100 pages. We found that the Smithsonian’s field agents found 17 skeletons in mounds that were close to 7 feet or taller. The largest they reported was just under 8-feet in length. The main concentration of these was in West Virginia’s Kanawha Valley, which I then visited along with Brent and Joan Raynes.”

    “One intriguing set of giant skeleton reports we found factual was the Chickasawba Mound (Arkansas) reports of many large skeletons found at the site. We visited the site and met with archaeologists at the nearby state Archaeology Field Station. An archaeological publication we found before going to the site (and one they also handed us as we arrived at the station – the same report) related that many skeletons ranging from 8 to 9 feet in length had been found there. As late as 1976 a 7-foot-tall skeleton was found at the site.”


  5. Nothing about Wisconsin, though? Curious. I’ve been to some of the mounds in WI and when I lived there knew someone who claimed to have seen some of the giant bones. I don’t really know how places all over the world can continue to ignore this, and it’s just a coincidence that they’re all ignoring the same thing. Time WILL tell, and I think we’re getting closer to that time. When the veils come down, a lot of people are going to have their comfortable worldview’s ripped away — everything, not just giants. It’s a weird, wild world out there, beyond video screens and Common Core. 🙂


  6. On the recent television series “America Unearthed” there was an episode focusing on giants in Wisconsin.

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  7. There were tribes of Native Americans such as the Osage that were extraordinarily tall – some of them attaining 7 feet and taller – so while not exactly “giants” it is easy to see how giantism could have been present elsewhere.


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