Lake Tahoe Enchantment Etched in My Heart Always

Tahoe Love! I carry Tahoe in my heart always, as well. Thank you, Tania, for sharing this beauty.

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lake tahoe (1)The last couple of days were very special to me on many levels. I had a chance to explore the most magickal places that I love on my memorable return to Lake Tahoe. Waterfalls, lake, trees, stones, mountains, snow flurries of delicate pixie-dusted flakes kissing my face…they all spoke to my heart.

lake tahoe (5)It was so beautiful, mystical, and faery-filled, infusing my soul with remembrances of ancient times and infusions of the new to come.

lake tahoe (8)I felt myself go even deeper within, as these months and days of late have continued to bring much introspection to my experience – at times not knowing myself at all, while knowing myself even better.

lake tahoe (14)And I found myself feeling out of sorts a bit and honoring the voices I haven’t always given the space to speak. This brought more exploration, at times confusion and at times more clarity, yet I was willing to be…

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  1. aw you’re welcome! you were with me and i DID blow a kiss into the water for you 😉 ❤

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  2. yay! thank you! ❤

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  3. welcome!! received also by the ancient ones i could see in the ripples too!


  4. Back in the 1980’s I bought a civil war era quilt from Merle Haggard’s step-mother who told me that Merle would anchor his houseboat out in the middle of Lake Tahoe and hide out for days.


  5. Posted by Barbara on December 18, 2014 at 4:36 am

    Ahh thanks for the memories, We were there on our Honeymoon 9/12/87


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