From Three Readers

The following links and/or information came through from three different readers almost simultaneously yesterday afternoon, with suggestions or requests that I post the material. Given the curious timing of three such requests within three minutes of each other, I thought I would, indeed, post them together. Some will require a click-thru to view. The third is a personal email detailing the personal struggles of a family in the Philippines after a second typhoon destroyed the other half of their home destroyed in the devastating 2013 typhoon. Even if you decide not to take 3D world action in any of these three cases, if you feel led to do so, please at least offer some prayers and energy in their direction. If you feel led to offer something else, then please let your heart guide you. Thanks and blessings, Laura

From reader Allison, who lives on Kauai:

Hi love! I hope all is well with you!!! 🙂

I wasn’t sure if you saw this without facebook so I thought I would send your way.

[This FB post shares some of Jon Rappoport’s work to help the islands of Hawaii reclaim their earth, sea and sky from experimental, secret pesticides and herbicides of the biggest GMO corporations spraying paradise. It also shares a video from the SHAKA movement led by Native Hawaiians.]

From reader Karen:

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Food Babe or not, but she’s a good resource and works tirelessly to benefit us all.  It sure feels like she could use some of our love right now.   I don’t know exactly why I’m sharing this with you, but it seemed like the thing to do. 
Hope things are wonderful in your corner of paradise,

Karen included a forwarded group email from “Food Babe,” aka Vani. When I followed her links and saw the vitriol and aggressive misogyny being sent her way via twitter, photos, emails and comments, I was appalled. This led me to research some of what Vani has been fighting for, because clearly, the BM’s (big “masters”) of the patriarchal cesspool have ordered their low life poops peeps to target her. Karen’s right: Vani’s a good resource and has been working tirelessly to benefit us all, but no one deserves the kind of treatment she’s received. Here’s the forwarded email, with working links:

Subject: A very emotional weekend

On Saturday I spent 10 hours stuck to my desk pouring out my heart and soul into a blog post I never thought I would have to write. Given the recent events, it’s time you know the truth, how I feel and how I am responding to the recent attacks on me and our movement.

There is a massive smear campaign going on across social media and media outlets to discredit all the work we have accomplished in creating a safer and more transparent food system. Part of the reason I am responding now is because their messages have started to infiltrate the mainstream media. I know many of you have been waiting for this response so you too can have the information on how to defend our position and address these hatred groups, skeptics and misguided people.

Rest assured, I will not let them distract us from the real issues at hand or let them silence us. To those of you that have defended our movement through countless discussions on the web, in forums and social media – I THANK YOU!

WARNING: The images in this post are VERY GRAPHIC and OFFENSIVE. I almost didn’t share these screenshots, but my team who deals with this vitriolic behavior on a daily basis wanted to make sure you saw just a glimpse of what we are experiencing.

Read this brand new post here.

I cannot do what I am doing alone, without you I am nothing.

Thank you again for standing by my side. The truth shall prevail.



P.S. Given the nature of the environment we are in, we need your reinforcing support more than ever. I have started a special group on Facebook and I invite you to join here.

This group is a place where members of this movement can meet, ask questions, post news stories, petitions, events, healthy recipes, and share their personal stories. It’s an encouraging place where we can support each other in navigating this over processed world during our journey to a healthier life. When you join, feel open to introduce yourself. The more we share, the more we’ll learn from one another.

From reader, Sky:

This is Sky.  I am writing to you regarding a family of 17 made homeless by Typhoon Ruby on Saturday.  This family of 17 people, ranging from toddlers to grandparents, once lived in 3 homes in Tacloban City, Philippines.  They are relatives of Herb Hamilton a man in Florida whom I’ve known for several years.  After last year’s typhoon, 2 of this family’s homes were destroyed and only “half” of the third home remained.  For the past year, all 17 relatives were scraping by in the half a home that was left.  Then, last Saturday, Typhoon Ruby struck, destroying the “half” of the home they were living in.  Now they are all homeless.  They don’t even have a manger to huddle in.
If you could send just $5 to the gofundme page Herb set up to help his relatives, it would be a real blessing.  Herb has dyslexia, so it isn’t easy for him to gather his thoughts on paper.  Hopefully, you can see beyond his writing skills to the critical need to help his wife’s relatives.  Herb and his wife Bing are their relatives’ only source of financial help.
Despite our own difficult financial situation, we donated $5.  Perhaps you and other people you know could, too?  Here is the link to Herb’s gofundme webpage:
Thank you very much,

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sky on December 9, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    Laura, thank you SO much for posting about Herb’s family in the Philippines! very hard on Herb to know his wife’s entire family is suffering so greatly and that he does not the means to help them by himself. He needs the help of others that will join their hearts and hands with his to help his relatives in the Philippines.

    We may not be able to help everyone in Tacloban City, Philippines, but we can begin by helping this one family Any excess funds will go to helping other families there.

    If you cannot help with a donation, please help with your prayers and well wishes.

    Thank you,




  2. Posted by sky on December 9, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    I feel for Vani, too! It is indeed spirit-crushing to be the target of such hate. The goal indeed is to stop the movement by stopping its messenger. May Vani persevere!! Knowing that many people appreciate and support the work she is doing.

    As for Hawaii, how sad! All the native Hawaiian people want is to enjoy nature and their families in peace and health. Ditto for the many people who have found their little slice of heaven there. How and why such corporations could choose to target such a paradise with their vile chemicals… is beyond fathoming. It shows how utterly spiritually bankrupt and corrupt the people who run such corporations are.

    This kind of behavior is what Tibetan Buddhism refers to when it says “we shouldn’t find our happiness at the expense of others”.



  3. Mahalo nui loa for sharing about what is going on here in Hawaii. We need lots of love sent our way to clear out the chemical cartel! XOXO



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