Garden Tower Project Kickstarter keeps climbing! Only five days left.

If you think you don’t have space to garden, now’s your chance. This new version of the Garden Tower makes several key improvements over the old model, which I own. Seriously, folks, food prices are already going up (or sizes going down for the same price), and with the California drought, this trend will only continue. The Garden Tower Project offers a way for anyone with 2 x 2 feet of sunshine to grow their own food. In fact, with the capacity to rotate, this model may even require less sunshine, as you can turn it to provide plenty of sun for all the plants. Filled with the right soil mixture, the Garden Tower Project goes a long way to helping even apartment dwellers with a balcony move towards greater self-reliance and food sovereignty. Many blessings and happy growing!

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  1. i finally got mine, thanks to your reminder. i wanted to get one the first time around and waited too long, then forgot about it. so now i’ll have one coming in for around my birthday time. 🙂


  2. Yay, yay, yay! So happy you got one. 🙂 What a great birthday gift, and this one is much cooler than the original! xoxo

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  3. weeeeeeeeeeee faery twin energies activate….it’s a twofold xmas gift to us and bday gift for me. 🙂

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  4. Perfect gift!

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