John Beckett ~ Does Magic Undermine the Sovereignty of Nature?

Another deep, multi-faceted post by John Beckett. Speaking of “Disbelief in Magic….”, John’s post explores everything from complete skepticism, to the practical effectiveness of magic, to alignment with and commitment to Nature vs. the idea of “dominion.” I can’t repost, but here’s the link to his latest piece, “Does Magic Undermine the Sovereignty of Nature?” 

John Beckett’s always a good read, no matter where you find yourself on the various continuum’s he addresses — sure to invoke at least one double-take each time, as he’s a master of the multi-angle. LOL, I keep wondering if he’s a Gemini! 😉

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  1. yep, good stuff 🙂



  2. Bumping into a really talented and advanced medium can really befuddle a rational materialist – I have seen it happen. Mediumship looks on the surface to be magic, but there may be ways to describe it that agree with some of the cutting edge physics starting to peek out, and those physics are just as scandalizing to most physicists as the theory of relativity was in the early going. I can hardly see how the so called “big bangs” could be anything other than “magic,” but most physicists just won’t go there. That there is a “here” here is an inherently magic phenomenon. “Magic” is perhaps too loaded a word though. Maybe we need a word with less baggage hanging on it.
    Rene Guenon’s “The Reign of Quantity” is one of my favorite books delineating just how deluded and lost is modern science as it divorced itself from the vastly deeper ancient sciences that have been largely occluded now. I don’t think we have much of a clue about reality or rather realities – mistaking our intricate gadgetry for advancement.

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