Iceland !!! Thanks to R.

Thanks to Jean for posting these gorgeous photos! Is it any wonder so many people in Iceland believe in elves and consult the elves before proceeding on building and road projects? Surrounded by such stunning beauty, it is easy to see why Icelanders remember to honor sovereignty of both land and soul.

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  1. lol!! i saw this post last night reblogged on dawn’s site and was going to reblog, but my computer was went to bed. lol. and then i watched a movie where the guy in it went to iceland…now you post this. i mentioned last night, seems i’m getting iceland nudges again, as i’ve been pondering if i will be going there like i told you on my own. it may turn into like my ireland solo trip i did. lovely photos calling me!!

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  2. Yes, thought of you! I still want to go, but can feel I’m still on somewhat of a travel embargo until further notice. I know I will travel again, because I keep seeing myself in these other places, but it is always future. LOL, I have white hair and lots of wrinkles!

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  3. LOL!!!! not sure i’ll be here then, but will travel with you nonetheless. 😉


  4. Posted by Patrick on November 21, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    Stunningly beautiful images, thanks for the reblog Laura.

    They remind me of one of my favourite songs by the wondrous Björk, she captures the Icelandic landscape in sound like nobody else I’ve heard:

    “All these accidents that happen
    Follow the dots
    Coincidence makes sense only with you
    You don’t have to speak
    I feel

    Emotional landscapes
    They puzzle me
    The riddle gets solved
    And you push me up to

    This state of emergency
    How beautiful to be!
    State of emergency
    Is where I want to be!”

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  5. Thank you, Patrick! Perfect accompaniment!


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