Crystals Looking for New Keepers

Fabulous opportunity for people who feel drawn to stones, crystals and Reiki. I can attest — having received many crystals and stones through Tania and having taught her Reiki — these will be some potent pieces!

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As I shared in my newsletter for this month, with things shifting so immensely in my own personal experience this creates a trickle down effect in all areas of my life. Things are accelerated to the point now that we are able to both release things and bring in the new simultaneously at rapid rates, without the two experiences being isolated.

I’m very alert to energies and when the time is right to release things, I do so, but not too soon and not drawn out beyond windows of energetic alignment. There’s a lot of new percolating and taking form, but that is also tied into the old being shed with gratitude.

So, it became clear that one of those areas of letting go for me would involve releasing some of the Crystals from my own personal family collection that are ready to move on to assist others with the…

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  1. yes indeedy!! some amazing crystals and potency. so grateful for the gift of reiki through you and happy that crystals have found loving homes with you. the emails are pouring in on these crystals so i may not have many choices remaining. might be more to come though. we will see! ❤


  2. ❤ Not surprised emails are pouring in. When its time to move, it's time to move. Those crystals know. 🙂

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  3. oh yes!!! it’s time to move alright! lol! 😉 bitter sweet with crystal friends always though ❤


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