11/11 and Full Moon Energies

Just a quick note to confirm that if you’re finding late yesterday and today extremely intense, synchronous and clarifying, welcome to the club.

Last night, I received messages from three different people within the span of about 10 minutes — each indicating that they had either broken up with a significant other with an incompatible worldview and spiritual path, or that they had realized in no uncertain terms they would need to make massive shifts in the relationship, as the split between old and new is becoming too strong to ignore or resist. I heard similar stories from people last week, but the synchronicity of three such messages all at once really underscored these energies of shining light on the murky places and needing to act on the information gleaned.  Today I’ve continued holding space for and solidarity with someone standing up to abusive legal actions following an abusive marriage. There’s a definite “Enough is enough” vibe today — coming from a deep, holy place of reclamation.

The planet herself seems to have received and passed along an infusion of strength, clarity and courage. We need these energies now, because we have much to shift, levy and reclaim. I continue to send love and compassion to all of you. Thank you for being here now. Thank you for allowing yourself to receive the beauty, freedom and grace available for you. Change, like so many other things, is an inside job. Let’s reclaim our power to influence in which direction that change moves. Much love, Laura

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  1. Posted by manyhahama1955 on November 11, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Thank you, Laura, for your love and support. Yes, it has been quite a ride. I was going to write to you last night too. I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep last night and i suddenly had what felt like an anxiety attack. I felt like something ominous was about to happen…it felt like the end was about to come. This is the second one of these I have had recently. Perhaps it is just my own internal fears….I don’t know. I find it difficult to distinguish most of the time what is mine and others. I am a merger, what can i say? ha! Boundaries have always been hard to come by. : ) I feel like I am cycling around again with the relationship dynamic. Still trying to learn how to take care of me. I hope i get it before i pass from this body. Thanks again…I so appreciate your blog entries and all the things you share. Glad you are in my life. Much love, Sophia

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  2. “deep, holy place of reclamation” Love that!! . . . I must be slow in processing lately because I read your article about the SRA which led me to another article in which you explained the many uses for Ho’Oponopono, in fact I still had it open on my desktop because I kept feeling drawn to the blessing for not only myself but just as you suggested,( paraphrasing here ) for the all the worlds miscreation’s.
    In using the prayer for myself there was this sense of deep grief and anger for not only losing my power but also loosing it at some point so to be able to be supported in reclaiming our most divine and source aligned power feels so good.
    Gratitude to you for always pushing the limits of my awareness. . . . Yikes 😛
    Love Suzanne

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  3. I made my break with my ex in 2012 (our differences in worldview and spirituality are VERY obvious to me now), and yesterday (11/11) was one of our divorce meetings with our lawyers. The agenda for the meeting was for us two parties to agree on responsibilities on the child maintenance costs, the arrangements on the sale of the property (and how much each was entitled to from the sale), etc. (I’m going somewhere with this!) The agenda was set by the ex, and it was obvious that the ex was out to punish/exclude me as much as he could. Luckily I had helpers and messages to remind me to take care of myself, and where my rights and boundaries were. The meeting with the ex and the lawyers, in the end, was a strange space: where I was constantly grounding and visualising protection, while watching all the attacks (or attempts to attack from the ex upon me) backfiring clearly. I barely needed to say anything, or when I did, much of what I said, in the interests of fairness and reason, was self-evident to the lawyers, more so AFTER my ex pushed his arguments. It was a “busy” room, where any negative energies sent out “laterally” would return to their source; and me just focusing on aligning myself with earth and higher energies as much as possible. The 11:11 energy in that room felt almost surgical, slicing through illusions and manipulations.

    I walked out of the meeting in disbelief at the “punishments” that were doled out but diffused/returned to the ex. I barely acted/spoke during the meeting, feeling instead I’d gotten front-row tickets to a show of what happens when you hold your own space in service to the light and surrender the external situation, vs trying to, well, hurt, control or punish another. Moments after the meeting, I had an overwhelming sense of needing to discharge, or that I needed a healing session, etc etc. (If you were in my neighbourhood and time zone, I would have called you for sure, lol!) Anyway, I took care of myself. After a night of sleep, I still feel physically wrung out but emotionally/spiritually secure. But it was an intense day. Reading the start of your post, I knew what your clients were going to be dealing with–relationshippy stuff like mine! Insincerity and manipulation of others has no place in el mundo bueno.

    Much love to everyone and all who need it.

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  4. Sophia, you crossed my mind last night when I was getting all those emails and messages! Sent you some extra love, as I sensed some challenges. I feel the heavy energies, too. There is so much coming at us right now, and yet, it does shift when we look at it head on and say, “You shall not pass.” I know it works on individual levels, but if enough individuals awaken to the sh!tstorm headed our way, revoke consent and redirect energy towards something more positive, life-giving and integrated, then eventually we’ll hit a tipping point or the realities will just need to split. I don’t know which it will be. Every day, I’m shocked that the realities haven’t split all the way yet. That’s one stretchy piece of taffy! Much love, Laura


  5. Thank you, Suzanne, for having the courage and love to face things and move through them. Reclamation IS powerful, and yes, it does feel good. Love and blessings, Laura


  6. Wow, thank you for sharing this story, Janet, and I’m so pleased you held your ground. Beautifully done, and yes, do nurture yourself. It’s incredible how many more people have contacted me with their own experiences of standing strong in these energies. Private and public messages — and a shifting outer world, to boot. Or reboot, as the case may be. Much love and continued blessings, Laura


  7. 😉 xoxo and love, Tania!

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  8. it’s all about the love…self love, deep gooey love, and all-encompassing love.. xoox

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