The Quest To “Be Of Service” Can Become A Disruption To Your Life

I just now got off the phone from a session with someone in which I shared that I was so pleased she “got it” that her soul doesn’t care whether she earns her living doing her soul’s passion. Her soul could care less about the financial system! Her soul cares that she’s living her passion and embracing the fullness of her being. If she does that as a hobby, as a career, or just as a surprising faery godmother to unexpected people who run into her in “ordinary” life, she is being it! This topic comes up so often during Intuitive Life Path Assessments and other readings in which people overlay so many societal judgments on themselves. Thank you, Tania, for articulating much of this dynamic in today’s article. I love the message about the older man on the cliff, too! Much love, Laura

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Something that I often hear from people is that they feel they need to be doing something more, they are in constant search for the “bigger” service they are “supposed” to be doing, and they seek these answers in all the outside ways they possibly can, awaiting to be told the magick answer and/or to arrive at some glorified outcome.

There is this heavy self-judgment these people carry of feeling they are not doing and giving enough, sometimes self-sabotage in not recognizing what is already before them, and lack of gratitude and enriching satisfaction that isn’t being realized, which comes from the journey itself…not the arrival.

The mind throws these thoughts at you of not being “there” yet – where ever “there” is – and so it creates all of these false pretenses and illusory time constraints that create anxiety and throw you off balance, resulting in missing out…

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  1. love how we are seamlessly always in the flow….you’re welcome and thank you for sharing about your client’s experience and for reblogging this. i can’t tell you how often i hear and see others sharing their frustration with all of this and constantly seeking some magickal answer and then getting stuck because they don’t find “the” answer and they judge their current situation. it’s such a slight perspective shift that can change everything. i know the experience because i’ve been there before and a lot of it also why i feel so many latch on to these ideas everyone else has…like building a healing center 😉 it’s meant for a few, but when looked at the core of why you have that idea, i think you discover, as i did, what it’s really about. love you!


  2. 🙂 Oh, yes, I remember those days of your healing center! Thanks for blast from the past. For some reason I was thinking of that the other night — probably because soooo many people tell me that’s their calling. If I had $10 for everyone who told me they were meant to open a healing center, I could fund one! Not to say that some aren’t really meant to, but there’s value in smaller things, too. One never knows the full ripple effect of even a short phone call. One time in 2008, I chose to pick up an unrecognized call on my cell phone, and it turned out to be an old client. We talked for five minutes, if that. I didn’t hear from her until 2011, when she contacted me out of the blue — after having started her own healing practice that has helped many people — to tell me that the five minute call in 2008 had been her last outreach before committing suicide. Whatever I told her convinced her she had much more to live for, but for me it was just five minutes of listening and a few quick comments. Our ego’s like to think it’s the huge things in life that everyone applauds, but oftentimes, it’s the smallest gestures that carry the most weight. Sometimes we never even know. Think of those “chance” encounters we’ve had. Do those people have any idea what a difference they’ve made with just a look or a few caring words? Love you, too. 🙂

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  3. EXACTLY!!! we’d both be rich on those ideas. and good example of the little things being so huge and you may or may not ever know how, but that doesn’t matter…so treat each experience as if it is the most valuable. yep, a bunch of “chance” encounters have been hugely effective in our lives. ❤


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