Lucas – Bridging Towers – 6 November 2014

Some wise observations and encouragement from my Dutch friend, Lucas. Thanks and love!

Lucas 2012 Infos Bologna (Italy) The Two Towers By Patrick Clenet

The fictional realm of imprinted perception is still wanting to hold the change back as is shown more and more. The play is still going on for those believing and never stops even when the script already ended and the public got home.  A lot of this is going on on the Geo-political level or macro level.  The forces are still pulling out all the stops and real faces are shown. Hidden agendas still keep being exposed and the lit is every time popped off the kettle regardless the efforts to keep it shut. It is the time of integrating your higher spiritual connection and marrying it with you standing firmly on Mother Earth and being YOU. Sitting on a cloud in a fake belief of an all bliss state without any roots to your base where your reality is created called…

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