A Bean Worth Drying: The Scarlet Runner

Yummy! It’s been a scarlet runner bean Halloween. With temperatures set to dip into the 20’s tonight, I pulled out the bamboo stakes, harvested the remaining pods, and spread the masses of nitrogen rich biomass on tomato beds, then covered with straw. I love the meaty taste and texture of scarlet runner beans, and they are just so pretty at every stage of growth! This afternoon, I added some of the green pods, chopped up, in a curried carrot (from the garden) soup. The pods need extra cooking, but everything tasted great.

Thanks to A Gardener’s Table for the tip that I can let these dry off the vine on our porch. I wondered what to do with the huge pile on our counter! Looking forward to the recipe, too.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Here too in Arkansas we are having the first hard frost of the Fall tonight. It was kind of sad plucking all the remaining peppers, tomatoes, and pole beans from the garden.



    • Yes, I heard from someone in Georgia, who said it was getting down to 35 there. Winter’s coming. I put out most of the cold frames and row covers the other day. We’re not fully battened down, but the most frost tender of the greens and the fava beans are covered.



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