The Great CON of Man: Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Six and Seven, by Bradley Loves

This is SUCH an important article and is the reason I keep mentioning the value of creating your own filters through energetic protection and through rejecting what’s “offered.”

A few comments here, though: not every single Christian Church follows the Vatican’s lead on the date of Easter; Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Eastern) Churches have different ways of calculating Easter Sunday. Sometimes it happens to coincide, but other times, the dates can be way off for the different denominations. I don’t claim to know how either faction determines the date. I was always told it was by the Moon; however, one would think the Moon is the same for Greeks and Russians as it is for the Vatican, so it makes sense there would be something else at work, especially with all those telescopes, including the Vatican’s L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope camera attached to their telescope. Look it up. That’s a fact. [Oops! Here’s the link: ]

What Bradley mentions about contracts is right on in that if you remove consent, the nasties really can’t attack you. Sometimes removing consent is more complicated, depending on when or how you gave your consent. Vows taken in past lives, for example, which included the phrase “forever and ever” often were intended by the vow taker to mean until the end of that one life, because reincarnation wasn’t taught. People do all kinds of brutal things to themselves when they feel guilty, and sometimes breaking a vow — even an unfair and deceptive, imprisoning vow — results in guilt. Overcoming the guilt for revoking your consent is VERY important to the process, because feeling guilty can lead to reopening the CONtract.

Lastly, there are many tools, which we can also reclaim. Yes, the black ops have all kinds of technology, but they have nothing that humans themselves cannot accomplish on the spiritual level. We need to not kid ourselves and pretend we have these skills and abilities if we have not yet developed them, but time travel, for example, can be used for good, and it does not need to be physical in order to work. We can send healing energy to our formerly traumatized young or past life selves, and that energy promotes great healing. We can send protection to ourselves — current, past and future — and that protection really *can* surround us. Teleportation is also possible — without technology. So is bi-location. So are other variations of these things. You don’t need black ops equipment to do it. “They” need special technology, but that doesn’t mean gifted star seeds do.

Telepathy is possible. I especially appreciate Bradley’s comments about how co-opted channeling has become. This does not mean people cannot channel, intuit or tap into higher messages. It just means people need to be smart when they open themselves up. Know with whom and what you will or will not connect. If you’re not sure, then you shouldn’t be channeling at this time of extreme chaos. Better to ground and align yourself with the Earth than accidentally CONtract with beings who may not have your or the planet’s best interests on their agenda.

We do not need to be afraid, but we would do well to be wise. As the saying goes, “Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” This is possible, and extremely powerful.

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  1. i’m wondering through what means an astral implant is implanted? how is this done? i’ve had a very intense life-altering “change in my energy field” and often wonder whether it is from spirit (kundalini awakening) or man (astral implant, psychotronic control). sometimes, if i’m awakened abruptly from sleep by a loud noise, i will see static, just like television static, for a split moment before i open my eyes. it’s like the “signal” (being transmitted from somewhere) has been lost.

    interesting article. thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Nefarious. I keep seeing that word pop up, daily for the past couple of weeks, it seems. These must be nefarious times…


  3. Well, they are times of great revelations, which would include nefarious things previously tucked out of sight. 🙂 I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more nefarious things before all is said and done!


  4. Interesting dream and questions, The Safari. Definitely worth exploring on your end and creating filters to make sure you approve of the source/content coming through. Blessings! Laura


  5. Lots of interesting stuff coming up for attention nowadays, I appreciate it even when I can’t find much to add in comments. I too am interested in the implants, but know it is probably within my own ability to remove them; I wonder however if they are inserted against one’s will (extra ick). I also feel that there have been channelings where the info given sounds suspect; “filters” have been much on my mind lately and I think it’s a mistake for some channels to claim or promise 100% accuracy/faithfulness to the source’s message when inevitably something coloured by ego or other things may come through. I like my channels to exert some discernment and will of their own.

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  6. Yes, I prefer people exert discernment, too. Most channeling is clearly running through the ego, shadow and wish filters, although there are some really incredible channels out there, creating beautiful music and visions. Personally, I prefer inspiration and partnering to channeling. I’ve done some channeling myself and people got a lot of help from it, but I enjoy the partnership rather than completely giving over my body to someone else. One wonders why bother incarnating if we are so keen to give body control to other beings. A worthy question, IMO. There are many ways of connecting, some easier and safer than others. 🙂 Consciously chosen filters are a good idea for everyone.


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