Kryon: On the Physics of Consciousness

A synchronous post to yesterday’s posts … just getting caught up on blog reading today … although I still propose a more neutral way of viewing “dark.” Yes, there’s the “evil,” service to Self, raping, pillaging and not seeing the light of day kind of dark, but there’s also “dark matter,” “The Great Mystery” and the Unseen. In our quantum newness, will we all start speaking in poetry? Perhaps telepathy. Prose feels so inadequate sometimes, when you just want to FEEL and sense and be. Long but worth a read (or more).

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  1. with you on the neutral way of seeing the dark…and totally there on the telepathy and feeling, sensing, being….buh bye words lol!



  2. Posted by Kieron on October 29, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    ” In our quantum newness, will we all start speaking in poetry? Perhaps telepathy.” You know, another synchronicity is that Jean Haines posted a long article about how speech, and in particular the English language, has been used against us for a long, long time to keep us enspelled. And a species that can only speak to communicate is thus enslaved when it can only speak the language of the controllers, vs telepathy in which lies are probably impossible.

    I dunno… doesn’t it seem sometimes like the puzzle pieces have been brought out of hiding and dumped all over the floor for us to piece together?



    • Yes, and I suspect it’s one of those two (or more) sided puzzles, too! Without the box images for reference. Woohoo, fun times, if we can roll with ’em and not get too hung up on exactly how or when.



  3. Thanks for posting this Laura…Kryon is still one of those that never cease to amaze and anchor me here in these higher energies and light frequencies…mucho..!

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  4. What a good read. Down to earth language that was easy for me to understand. Really appreciated you sharing this. Between your share and this, it encompasses allot and explains much!



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