Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic Elements in Human Consciousness

Thanks to Jean Haines for posting this video, which is one of the most grounded and, imho,  right on the money talks I’ve ever heard regarding light and dark occultists, the founding of America, burial mounds, giants, and the need to continue to go (way) beyond the supposed “awakening” happening right now. I especially appreciate Mark’s assessment of the wide variety of possibilities of the collective reality timeline(s) on this planet. NOTE: he is, like me, extremely skeptical of and unimpressed by New Age cotton candy fluffery, and he expresses just how far the masses (and even people who consider themselves spiritual leaders) still need to go if we want any hope at all of a mass awakening as the way out of this mess.

Like me, he also recognizes the Sun as the big wild card that could change the world as we know it — and not necessarily in a bad way. The Satanic New World Order’s motto of “Order from Chaos” could wind up meaning an ultimately “good” thing, depending on how close to Nature that new Order returns. Funny thing about chaos — you can’t always control it once it starts. 😉  I sense other cosmic wild cards as potential triggers of solar and Earth activity, but in general, I agree with Mark’s read of the various possibilities. It’s certainly a refreshing change from all the prophecies claiming to know the one true, set-in-stone reality. Those kinds of “5D” predictions usually trigger the auto-eye-roll, because wouldn’t an increase in dimensions also include an increase in possibilities and variants? Hasn’t Ye Olde 3D World laid total claim to the One and Only Truth in all its competing, mutually exclusive and oxymoronic glory? Just sayin.’ 😉

On a personal note, I can vouch for much of what Mark shares about Satanists. I know people don’t like to believe that there really are people who worship Satan (also known as the ego worship/Self-worship so obvious in our world today) — let alone that those people run our country and most of the world — but various encounters I had at a young age made such facts clear to me. At age 14, I was actually recruited by a group of Satanists. I turned them down three times, only to have a group of practicing high school Satanists then make voodoo dolls of me and harass me until I started dating a bag piper they all happened to be afraid of. Who knew bag pipes were so powerful, eh? Actually, my bag piping first love was as wild and kilted as a true Highlander, so I can’t say I blame them! In retrospect, maybe he was a bit scarier, but, hey, at least I learned to respect a machete, rock climb, mountain bike, hike in blizzards, jump into quarries during thunderstorms, and camp in single digit temperatures.  🙂

Anyway, people walking dark paths have often tried to get me to join them. I never did, and I have always had great protection around me from any of their interference. As I became aware of that protection, I learned that I can reach into the darkness to extend a hand to those who want out of it, without myself being consumed or seduced by the dark. This reaching across veils has brought me into much more contact with things most people prefer to ignore, dismiss or deny. Like Mark, witnessing what I did convinced me of the wisdom of studying ancient esoteric traditions. Do I want psychotic egomaniacs to be the only ones moving energy, strategizing outcomes, or practicing magick? No. I want compassionate, wise, unconditionally loving, Golden Rule abiding, free-will-respecting people stepping into and reclaiming their own power.

Mark’s discussions of the relationship between morality and freedom, as well as the concept of anarchy, are also right on. “We need more morality — a deeper understanding of moral law — and then we will have more freedom, and not until.” This is a great talk. I hope you will take the time to listen to it.

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  1. Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    If you have time Mari, you may possibly enjoy this.

    The man in the video lays it all out nicely.


    > >


  2. listening while i draw…will comment when done. one thing i noticed interesting only 10 minutes in so far, is the right shoulder twitch on mark. definitely some important stuff being imparted and integrated


  3. Posted by Kieron on October 22, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Powerful stuff! I’m absorbing another of his lectures: “Scarcity vs Abundance: Why Tesla Matters” which is on YouTube as well as the homepage. At last– another chink in the beast’s armor! We shall bring it down yet! 🙂 Thanks a bunch for sharing this speaker for I had never heard of him.


  4. angelcom, did you mean to send this to someone instead of reply as a comment here?


  5. Thanks, for noticing that, Tania. I was just listening, so didn’t see it, but I felt the vibration of his sharing to be very full of integrity and important information most people probably don’t know.

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  6. Thanks, Kieron! I’ll have to check out that video, too. I do love Tesla. Too bad he was so pure hearted that he projected those assumptions on those around him. He wound up not having very good discernment for employees, business partners and whom to trust. The hidden Tesla inventions are total game changers. Of course, that’s why they’re hidden!


  7. yes i’d agree…i’m almost through it!!


  8. i completely agree with all you shared…mark is brilliant and definitely speaking from a place of integrity. when i saw the twitch right away, it reminded me of when i get into a very zoned out channeling mode and i start to shake at times, which indicates a pure place of speaking from. this will definitely be a challenge for most to swallow, but in my assessment is also spot on. people need to be aware of these energies and what is really going on. people also don’t really understand the foundations of satanists and these aspects that are so prevalent in even the new age society that would like to feel divorced from it. anyway, definitely something to listen to several times. the part on morality and freedom i also, like you, felt very key here in understanding a return to the actual universal laws…thanks for sharing!!

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  9. You’re welcome. Thanks for the additional comments. I’m generally an advocate that knowledge is power, and hiding from knowledge just continues the pattern of letting power hungry people usurp the discarded power that would have come from the knowledge. Difficult to swallow, indeed, but with better awareness, people can make better choices.


  10. here! here!


  11. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    If you believe that, as Laura phrased it through our comments back and forth on her post of this, “knowledge is power,” and would like to really empower yourself into a more conscious place of awareness and knowing so that you can make your own choices with the sovereign free will you innately have, but may not fully be utilizing, then you’ll find this interview to be quite eye-opening.

    This is a very thorough and in both Laura’s and my opinion, truth-piercing, spot-on share from Mark Passio on the complete picture, rather than just the shiny one that you may have been taught only to recognize.

    Remember that simply because you acknowledge something, does not mean you giving it power, are bad, or need to fear it. It simply means you are versing yourself in the true alchemy of transmutation, which is only done by knowing all the parts that create the whole. And this will help lead you to the enlightenment and empowerment you seek.

    I indicated to Laura that I immediately noted Mark’s right shoulder twitch that started as he began speaking, and continues throughout, and how that indicated to me this was important information being imparted and integrated, as he spoke. I mentioned in my comments to her on her post that it reminded me of when I get into a very zoned out channeling mode where information comes through me in this stream of clarity from beyond myself and I start to shake at times, indicating always that I’ve stepped out of identification, and into a Source stream of consciousness.

    The information may be challenging to swallow, but also liberating if you are open to exploring it. It’s definitely something you may want to listen to a few times, if you feel it resonates. The part on morality and freedom I also, like Laura, feel is very key in understanding the Universal Laws, and then putting them back into the forefront of experience.

    Thank you Laura for sharing this!


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  13. I listened to this while working, and it really is a tour de force! It neatly condensed what took me a long time to intuit and put together from books and websites. The “mini-me Satanism” was funnily-put, yet horribly accurate. I’ll be passing this on. Thank you.

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  14. Yes, I love when people use humor to help us view negatives in less scary ways. If we can look at the Shadows without getting lost in fear and anger, we can transmute those Shadows into something useful and compassionately directed.


  15. That was worth every moment I spent watching this last night. Cleared up a lot for me. Any fuzzy areas where I was able to quite connect the dots this made all the difference. I posted on FB this morning with the intention many will read. I will also post on my blog tonight. This is a wonderful primer that is so important. Well done and thank you for bringing to our attention Laura and Tania via Jean. Way to go ladies.


  16. Posted by CindyW. on October 23, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    sorry I don’t have headphones to listen to this talk – will listen in future, but appreciate your comments, Laura, abt how even “spiritual leaders” aren’t always in advanced mode, and let darker forces play around them, and if you don’t have good boundaries or seal yourself off, you can be vulnerable to those forces even among so-called “spiritual” people.

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  17. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    This is such an informative video that Laura posted via Jean Haines site. It touches on so many topics that we are well served to learn about and be aware of, so we can make informed and heartfelt intelligent decisions on how we might want to proceed. Many thanks, Jean, Laura and Tania for all posting this.


  18. I’ll be curious to hear your take, Cindy, after listening to the talk. It’s sad that we need to wade through so many layers of agendas, but the more time we spend in Nature and the more we know of the agenda, the easier it is to spot and then redirect.


  19. […] Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic Elements in Human Consciousness […]


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