Global Climate Change, the Sun/Earth Connection — and beyond!

Finally! Some much bigger picture analysis of global climate change. I would argue — from my very non-scientific perspective — that there’s at least one other wild card in this mix, but I am pleased to see some extensively researched and presented material that goes beyond the usual deeply drunk drafts. Thank you, Ann, for posting this!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I will admit that my own endorsement of the global warming project has secondary motives – reducing air pollution caused by burning of fossil fuels. Even if global warming turns out to be sun caused, we still still need to reign in the particulate pollution of our atmosphere – just ask China about that.



    • Yes, for sure, but let’s be honest about our motivations and let’s focus our energy on things we do have influence over, like poisoning the planet. We need a major cleanup pronto. If climate change people were as passionate about fixing Fukushima and the other leaking nuke sites, I would be much more on board. Just like if Obamacare focused on healthy foods and natural remedies, I would be more inclined to support it. I would still want choice, but at least that would be about health rsther than BigPharmafia and insurance profits. Same with sustainability. I am doing what I can to produce local food, reuse waste, minimize toxins and impact because it’s the right thing to do, not because the government tells me the sky is falling and it’s all my fault. Handcuff the corporations doing the most polluting and geoengineering and then I’d be more inclined to have a real conversation. Until then, stop the lies herding good hearted folks into smaller and smaller cages.



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