Bowl Movement: “I just dropped a brick, and I feel much better!”

Hey, Californians! I’m thinking this $15 will quickly pay for itself — especially with those coming water fines. Not that money should be the motivator: our planet needs clean water. This is one way to save more … wherever you live.

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  1. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on October 14, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    just contributed and ordered one, brilliant! Thank you Laura!

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  2. Shared on FB. We did this with real bricks a number of decades back when California went through a less severe drought. Great idea to revive


  3. Thanks, Mitch! We have new low flow toilets here, so no bricks on our end, but we do the “if it’s yellow, keep it mellow” a lot. Plus, I am still trying to figure out how to get totally off-grid for the toilet w/o running afoul of the city. Still in research phase……


  4. Thanks, Dawn! From the video it’s sounds like real bricks could cause an eventual plumbing issue. Not sure if that’s hype or true, but keeping the water levels lower seems like a very good idea.


  5. It is a great idea. Not sure about the real bricks either. Never heard of a problem but not sure I would have if there was one. Like their ingenuity though!


  6. have they got stats on how much water is used to manufacture these brick things?? How about filling a used 2L plastic drink bottle with sand or water, put the lid back on and use it instead. The planet does not need more crap to be manufactured and sold to the brainless. Better still stop using the water wasting toilet all together and make your own dry composting toilet and use the decomposed waste on the garden.


  7. Good questions, Kade. I personally want a dry composting toilet and am trying to figure out a way to do it in our rental unit without running afoul of neighbors and the city.


  8. I currently have a dry composting toilet and I empty it into 200L black barrels that sit in the sun around my property for 10 months before I empty them onto the trees. I add compost worms to them to help the decomposition. You could do this and if anyone asks what the barrels are for just say they are compost with worms inside. I fill three to four barrels over 12 months.


  9. What did you do in the bathroom, though? We have small bathrooms, not really room for a second toilet in each bathroom, and we are renting this house. I don’t think our landlord would be on board with ripping out the toilets. 🙂


  10. Get yourself a 20L tall bucket with a lid. The one I use was from a bakery. I fashioned a wooden seat that sits ontop of the bucket and used this before I built my permanent outdoor cubicle. You could keep the bucket in your bathroom and pop the lid on it when not in use and when you want to carry it outside to empty into your barrel. Or I guess you could locate the bucket in your laundry if there is more space?? I use wood shavings in mine and its amazing how they suppress any odour.

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  11. Thanks. We have the 5-gallon buckets with toilet seats for emergencies, plus a big bag of sawdust just in case. Our bathrooms are just so small that they will require some extreme creativity to make that possible if not dictated by a long term emergency, and the laundry room is connected to the kitchen, so no go there! Composting toilets are on my must have list for any location we purchase, along with a rocket mass heater. This rental house is very cozy and has a great yard, but it’s definitely not built for off grid living. I’ll keep playing around with the idea and see how we can make it work without taking out the current toilet and sewer connection.

    or maybe I can do the very long, slow, subtle process of getting our landlord jazzed about humanure. LOL! His wife’s on City Council. Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot. I’ve contacted the Mayor and the planning commission to start looking into humanure in case of emergencies/long-term grid down. Wouldn’t it be funny if our landlady’s the way in. 🙂


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