A Magical Interlude

via Tania Marie

If you’re craving a bit of Nature, Fae and respite, here’s 7 minutes of bliss:

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  1. i just adore this song and the images…so, so us!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm…i’ve been playing it all morning on repeat lol!


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  3. love this so much!


  4. I listened to it several times today, too! 🙂 Yes, very us. David mentioned that when we watched it together.

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  5. me, too!


  6. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    This is grand. I’m going back as often as I can. Love and farey kisses to Laura and Tania.


  7. LOL!! so cute we are. i’m listening again right now…i love the infusions of the cosmic portals within the faery realm. weeeeeeeee!!


  8. To you, too, Dawn! xoxo


  9. takes me back….

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